Gameday: Texas A&M vs LSU

Cole Thompson

BATON ROUGE, La. - How could one not be excited for Saturday night action. In front of thousands of screaming fans, donned in purple and gold, Texas A&M can play the upset role. 

The Aggies (7-4, 4-3 SEC) has the chance to make history on the road. As the first team to face three No.1 programs in one season, A&M will becoming in angry following their 19-13 loss to No.4 Georgia a week ago. 

The Tigers (11-0, 7-0 SEC) are one win away from going undefeated for the second time this decade. A majority of that success comes from the offensive identity led by Joe Burrow. LSU's receiving corp could be one of the best in the country as two players have eclipsed the 1000-receiving marker. 

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UPDATE: According to his social media, cornerback Elijah Blades is not expected to play tonight in Baton Rouge. Blades has dealt with a lingering shoulder injury. 

UPDATE: LSU will start on offense. 


LSU Ball: A Joe Burrow 30-yard pass to Ja'Marr Chase proved the Tigers' weren't messing around early. It wouldn't take long for LSU to strut their stuff and Cylde Edwards-Helarie would run it for a 5-yard touchdown. 

LSU 7, Texas A&M 0

Scoring Drive: (6 plays, 75 yards, 2:10)

Texas A&M Ball: Kellen Mond knew he'd need to establish a run game, so he rushed for 14 yards to begin the drive. That would be the only positive as the junior would go 0-3 passing, getting sacked on third down. That would lead to an intentional grounding call and a Braden Mann punt. 

LSU Ball: Back to back first down passes from Burrow to his receivers brought the Tigers near midfield. Once in the red zone, Burrow would find Justin Jefferson for a 12-yard touchdown. Burrow has missed one throw on two drives thus far. 

LSU 14, Texas A&M 0

Scoring Drive: (11 plays, 80 yards, 4:06)

Texas A&M Ball: Mond needed to make something work, so he used his legs to pick up a first down. Once crossing midfield, he would be sacked on third down for a 10-yard loss. Mann would punt again. 

LSU Ball: Burrow continues to impress for LSU. Three plays into the drive was all it took for a 78-yard Ja'Marr Chase touchdown. The Tigers have made their mark early at home. 

LSU 21, Texas A&M 0 

Scoring Drive: ( 3 plays, 91 yards, 1:20)

Texas A&M Ball: Another third down sack from K'Lavon Chaisson leads to another Aggies three-and-out. 

LSU Ball: Burrow connected with Terrance Marshall Jr. for nine yards as the quarter ends. 



LSU Ball: The Aggies were able to force a fourth down for the first time of the night. A 10-yard Tyrion Davis-Price kept the drive alive in the red zone. On 2nd and goal, Davis-Price would score on a 3-yard run. Four straight drives have ended in touchdowns for the Tigers' offense. 

LSU 28, Texas A&M 0

Scoring Drive: (11 plays, 55 yards, 4:15)

Texas A&M Ball: Pressure is getting to Mond consistently. Another third down ends in Mond having to throw it away. Mann punt once more.  

LSU Ball: Justin Madubuike recorded the team's first sack of the evening on first down. A 15-yard penalty on a late hit neared the Tigers' to the red zone. Burrow couldn't connect on second and third down, leading to a 51-yard field goal from Cade York to tack onto their lead. 

LSU 31, Texas A&M 0 

Scoring Drive: (9 plays, 53 yards, 3:08)

Texas A&M Ball: Another third down sack leads to a punt for A&M. This time is comes from defensive end Damone Clark. Mond has been sacked on third down for the third time this evening. 

LSU Ball: Madubuike and DeMarvin Leal caused a sack on second down. Bobby Brown would do the same on the next play, leading to a punt by LSU's Zach Von Rosenberg. It would be the first time the Tigers did not end a drive on with a score. 

Texas A&M Ball: Finally there was something promising for A&M's offense as Mond would break free for an 18-yard run. Once again, the offense hit midnight, leading to the quarterback missing both throws and a sixth Mann punt in the half.



Texas A&M Ball: A pass interference call kept the Aggies drive alive for three more plays. Mond couldn't connect with his target, leading to a seventh straight punt from Mann. 

LSU Ball: Burrow would become the all-time SEC single season leader in passing on this drive. Outside of that, it was a positive drive for the Aggies, who forced their second punt of the night. Now it's time for the offense to take the next step. 

Texas A&M Ball: Things are just getting worse for Mond. On the first play of a new drive, he'd throw right to the hands of safety Grant Delpit for his first interception in over a month. 

LSU Ball: A hold call from LSU ended a promising drive for the Tigers. York would make a 50-yard field goal to add to the Tigers' lead. 

LSU 34, Texas A&M 0 

Scoring Drive: (5 plays, 8 yards, 2:03)

Texas A&M Ball: A 46-yard pass to Isaiah Spiller would put A&M near the red zone. The freshman running back would continue his success on the ground  with a 14-yard run two plays later. Spiller would find the end zone on a 2-yard score to put the Aggies on the board. 

LSU 34, Texas A&M 7

Scoring Drive: (6 plays, 75 yards, 3:12)

LSU Ball: Another drive, another record. Burrow tied for the single-season touchdown record on an 18-yard touchdown pass to Chase. He now has thrown for 351 yards and there's still a quarter left. 

LSU 41, Texas A&M 7

Scoring Drive: (7 plays, 85 yards, 2:42)

Texas A&M Ball: Penalties were the stories of this drive. Two against LSU gave the Aggies excellent field position while three against A&M pushed them outside the red zone. On fourth down, Mond would lob a pass into the end zone, leading to an interception by Jacoby Stevens. This game should be all but done. 

LSU Ball: