Locked on Aggies: Match the Aggies' Bowl Date

Cole Thompson

COLLEGE STATION - Texas A&M will be heading to the bowl season for the 11th consecutive year. A 7-5 record won't impress many, but Jimbo Fisher's squad still managed to rank in the top half of all SEC teams in 2019. 

The College Football Playoff rankings will help determine where the Aggies play. As it stands now, there are likely six destinations where A&M could be stopping for their final game of the season. The dates likely range somewhere after Christmas all the way until the start of the new year. 

While location will be key, so will the opponent they face. Should A&M remain in Texas for a game like the Texas Bowl, they'll likely take on a team from the Big 12. If they were to play in Florida, the Aggies should be prepping for a match against an opponent from the Big 10. 

Locked on Aggies, in partnership with Aggie Maven, is here to bring you an audio element to our Texas A&M coverage. On Wednesday's show, we break down who could the Aggies could be facing later this month. 

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