Texas A&M vs. Clemson: Live blog

Cole Thompson

COLLEGE SATION- The second week of college football is here. While other teams across the country will be battling for dominance, the Texas A&M Aggies are set for the game of the week against No.1 Clemson.

Aggie Maven, with the partnership of Sports Illustrated, is here to keep you up to date with everything happening in Memorial Stadium this afternoon. Make sure to check back in throughout the night for up to date coverage as A&M looks to start the season off on the right foot.


5:55 P.M. - Mond still was under pressure despite finding success through the air. Taking another hit, the Tigers would be flagged with a roughing the passer call, setting up A&M in Clemson territory. Only second remains on the clock as A&M tried to score. On three straight passes, Mond couldn't connect with target. On fourth down, he finally found Jalen Wyndemer for the score. 

Clemson 24, Texas A&M 10 

Scoring Drive: 16 plays, 91 yards, 5:43

5:48 P.M. - The Tigers looked ready to end the game with two big runs from Dixon. Lawrence however threw in man coverage and would be intercepted by Roney Elam. It would be the first turnover for the Aggies defense today. Mond will take over will just under eight minutes left. 

5:30 P.M. - With their backs against the wall, Mond did his best to soften the lead. Finding his way into Clemson territory, the junior quarterback would look his best through the air. Connecting with his receivers, Mond would be intercepted by Tanner Muse at the goal line, leading to a touchback. The Tiger defense gets a huge stop and perhaps seals the victory. 

5:22 P.M. - Lawrence tried to go deep but missed his target twice. The Tigers would punt into the end zone, leading to a touchdown. 

End of the 3rd: Clemson 24, Texas A&M 3

5:17 P.M. - Lawrence continues to stride forward and lead the team closer towards a victory. He would go 2 of 3 on the drive before the end of the third quarter.  

5:12 P.M. - A&M is running out of time to score. Pressure continued to fill the backfield, but Mond stay strong and delivered strikes. On a low snap, Mond would have to eat the play, leading to another punt from Mann.

5:11 P.M. - Running back Jashaun Corbin will not return. 

5:02 P.M. - Freshman safety Demani Richardson would be charged with a horse collar tackle, giving Clemson an extra 15 yards. Etienne finally broke free, rushing for 14 yards and entering Aggie territory. Once in the red zone, Lyn-J Dixon found running room, culminating in a 4-yard touchdown run. The Tigers now are in full control. 

Clemson 24, Texas A&M 3 

Scoring Drive: 7 plays, 83 yards, 2:32

4:54 P.M. - The Aggies suffered a big loss on their drive as Corbin was caught limping following a screen pass from Mond. He would not return. Mond would also be checked by  the medical staff following the punt. Clemson will begin their drive from the 13. 

4:48 P.M. - Lawrence looked strong in the pocket and had protection from his offensive line. His wide receivers couldn't find a way to get open. The Aggies will start their drive from the 27. 

4:42 P.M. - After a false start on third down, Mond couldn't connect with Quartney Davis, forcing another punt from Mann. The Tigers will start their drive on their own 24. 

4:37 P.M. - Starting with the ballot begin the third quarter, Ross would drop two passes on second and third down. The Tigers would punt, letting the Aggies begin their drive at their own 31. 

Ok, we're back. Clemson gets the ball to begin the second half. 

Halftime: Clemson 17, Texas A&M 3

4:10 P.M. - Even with starting deep in their own zone, Lawrence was able to strike and deliver against A&M's defense. With Etienne and Tee Higgins, the Tigers found themselves inside their own redone within six plays. On second down, Lawrence would score on a 1-yard run. Clemson now has a 14 point lead and will start the second half with the ball. 

Clemson 17, Texas A&M 3 

Scoring Drive: 9 plays, 89 yards, 2:53 

3:58 P.M. - The Aggies took pressure up the middle, allowing Mond to be sacked on third down. Mann punted great, forcing the Tigers to begin the drive inside their own 5. 

3:51 P.M. - The Tigers looked like they would capitalize on the short-yardage. Thanks to pressure from the Aggies defensive line, Lawrence would be caught with intentional grounding and have to settle for a 30-yard field goal from Potter. 

Clemson 10, Texas A&M 3

Scoring Drive: 10 plays, 34 yards, 3:57

3:41 P.M. - A&M would collect two first downs before a Clemson defender would strip Mond and recover the fumble. The Tigers would begin the drive at mid-field. 

3:30 P.M. - The Tigers were able to break into the middle of the field thanks to a 28-yard run from Travis Etienne. On third down, Lawrence rolled out avoiding pressure, find Ross for a30-yard touchdown. 

Clemson 7, Texas A&M 3

Scoring Drive; 9 Plays, 82 yards, 3:26

3:21 P.M. - The Aggies would be stuff in the red zone, having to settle for a 37-yard field goal from Seth Small. 

Texas A&M 3, Clemson 0

Scoring Drive; 16 plays, 48 yards, 7:33

End of the first quarter: Texas A&M 0, Clemson 0

3:15 P.M. - Mond finally connected with a receiver in Jhamond Aubson for a first down near midfield. The Aggies' offense  would connect of fourth and short thanks to a Corbin one-yard run. After three first downs, A&M would find themselves in the red zone just as the clock expired.

2:57 P.M. - The Aggies front line stepped up, sacking Lawrence for a six-yard loss. The sophomore would miss Diondre Overton and be forced on punt. The Aggies will begin their drive at their own 25.  

2:53 P.M. - Jashaun Corbin led the way on offense in A&M's second drive. After collecting a first down, Mond would 0-3 and settle for a Braden Mann punt. The Tigers will begin their second drive on their own 25.

2:47 P.M. - Trevor Lawrence kept the drive alive on third down, connecting with Justyn Ross twice early. Thanks to Myles Jones in coverage the Tigers would be forced to try for a field goal. B.T. Potter would miss a 47-yard field goal, keeping the game scoreless. 

2:41 P.M. - The Aggies go three-and-out after two incompletions from Kellen Mond. The Tigers will start the drive at their own 27. 

2:36 P.M. - The Tigers won the kickoff, they'll elect to defer. A&M will receive the ball first. 

It's game time in Clemson!