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Tuesday player press conference we had two leaders of TCU Football address the media. We had quarterback Max Duggan and defensive end Ochaun Mathis. Both players talked about their expectations on finishing up the season strong. They were both very adamant about making sure they finish the season strong and giving a season for the seniors to remember. Through all the ups and downs, they have stuck with same mindset of staying focused on one game at a time. Max and Ochaun were asked about their futures with TCU, since a coach change is about to happen. Duggan says he wants to stay at TCU regardless of coaching change. Duggan has two years of eligibility left. Mathis stated that his focus is not on coaching change but on beating Iowa State.

Football has been faced with a lot of adversity this year, but they remain calm and they have continued to trust each other and play for each other. Max spoke on some of the adversities, such as battling his injuries and fighting through the pain to be out there for his TCU brothers. He had high praises for his receiver Derius Davis, and the big game he had last time out. Max stated, “I’m so proud of Derius. He continues to put his head and work, and he is not the only receiver. From D. Davis, Quinten, Taye Barber. Its Just hard to get the ball to all of those guys.” Max Duggan is going to do whatever it takes to et the ball to all of his playmakers, so that they can make plays. He also stated that it is great to have Kendre Miller back. It was good to see that offensive get back on track. Emari Demercado has been carrying the load out of the backfield for the past few weeks. Max stated, “It was good to have that 1-2 punch back on offense so it can open up more things.” Lets see how this offense matches up against this hard nose defense from Iowa State.

Ochaun Mathis, one of the leaders of defense, emphasized how proud of his teammates he was on how they have been stepping during these adverse times. He explained to the media how he motivated and got after his teammates at halftime of the Kansas game. He wants to make sure that they ball out to the best of their potential. He was also glad to see the defensive line being healthy and having a full rotation, so that it can make the defense more dangerous. Ochaun spoke high praise of his teammate Dylan Horton and the growth he has had by learning every aspect of the defense. He stated, “You can tell he wants to be great, so that’s going to help us tremendously moving forward.”

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TCU heads to Ames, Iowa Friday to face off against Iowa State at 3:30 p.m. Stay tuned for more updates on the game this Friday as they finish the regular season and fight for a bowl game.

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