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Coming off back-to-back losses is really stinging the Horned Frogs right now. Losing two close games to some heated rivals really has hurt everyone in the locker room. But, they are learning to move forward, have a short term memory, as they stated  team before, and get ready for the next opponent.

This week versus Texas Tech, TCU’s secondary has really got their hands full knowing the offensive playstyle of the Red Raiders. That consists of tossing it downtown every play if they could do it. Tre Hodges-Tomlinson, leading tackler for the Horned Frogs defense, was asked who would he like to see step up in the secondary this week versus Texas Tech's offense? Hodges-Tomlinson stated, “Safeties are getting better, so that always a plus. I was also excited to see Noah Daniels back out on the field. His presence already makes a difference. We're on the verge of becoming one of the best duos in this league. Me and him together at corner positions make it hard for teams to try us.' With a lot of injuries in the secondary and the ejection last game. Hodges-Tomlinson played safety as well. He stated, “Coach Patterson asked me to play safety. I said 'lets go!' I’m a baller. I’m ready to go. Lets just play ball.” He has a dog mentality that is going to help this defense in the long run. He wants to do his part to get the team back on track. He stated, “We can't get caught up in the past. We got to live for the future.”

On the offensive side of things starting offensive lineman, Steve Avila, said that they have been fairly decent. There is a lot of things that needs to be worked on from the offensive line standpoint. “ We just have to give a little more effort and hold our blocks longer.” he stated.  But, offensively they could not move the ball down the field like they wanted to by they way Texas played the defensive backs so deep. So all receivers where held under 50 yards of receiving. Which makes it easier to zero in on the TCU stud running backs. “Yeah, Zach is underrated, just look at his numbers," he said. "It's time for college football to realize he is one of the best running backs around.” Which is very much true. Avila also stated, “It’s the little things holding us back.” There are a lot of offensive miscues that are costing the Horned Frogs a lot right now from turnovers to questionable play calling. Can they be fixed?

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