This week at the players’ press conference was a tad bit entertaining with offensive lineman Brandon Coleman. He was able to give us fluent answers in German. He grew up in Germany as a kid so it was great for everyone to hear something different. He was also asked if he would play for Jamie Dixon since he grew up playing basketball. His response was a long pause, and an instant, quiet no. Also Mr. Hard Hitter, T.J. Carter (starting safety) was at the players’ press conference.

It was a simple theme for the players going into this week versus OU: follow the game plan. Offensively, the offensive line as a whole had a marvelous game. It was like God was using them to part the Red Sea for Zach Evans and Kendre Miller, who both had over 100 yards rushing. Neither could do no wrong. 

“It was a big win for us," said Coleman. "But we have to stay level headed and stay focused for the next game, and just come ready to play.” He also said the coaching staff and leaders of the team have been doing a good job as far as being ready for different scenarios and everyone being prepared for what the team needs to get done. Therefore, coming from Coleman, “OU is a really good team. They have a lot of good athletes. The best thing we can do is prepare for them and come ready to play.”

On to the defensive side of things, it’s the same story we have been hearing so far this year, with the lack of communication, young players playing out of position, and of course injuries. But, Carter had to give praise to defense as a whole.  “Communication is getting better, but our main thing is keeping guys healthy," he said. "So we just trying to keep the young guys ready and prepared.” With Carter being switched to multiple positions this year, he has helped the team tremendously as a hybrid. “Me moving around on defense a lot is allowing me to see the whole defense," he said. "The bigger picture, so that I can communicate effectively.” He stated, “We have to continue to improve at tackling. It’s  what is making us and breaking us.”

If this team can continue to grow in the areas where it is weak, it can find a way to win the close games because it is up for grabs seeing how open the Big 12 Conference is. The team just has to simply follow the game plan.

Don’t miss this one! TCU travels to Norman to play the Oklahoma Sooners this Saturday, October 16 at 6 p.m..