Oklahoma, Texas Send Joint Request to SEC for Membership

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Texas and Oklahoma have official made their request to join the SEC. Below is a report from Sports Illustrated’s Brooks Austin  

“Monday saw both Texas and Oklahoma make it official that they will not be signing the Big 12's proposal to extend the media rights contract. This allows the Longhorns and Oklahoma to leave the Big 12.

Tuesday morning they wasted no time applying for membership to the SEC.

In a statement released on social media by both schools, SEC fans got a little bit of insight as to when this could potentially happen.

The University of Oklahoma and The University of Texas at Austin sent the attached request to Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey this morning. The joint request seeks an invitation for membership in the SEC starting on July 1, 2025. The two universities look forward to the prospect of discussions regarding the matter. 

2025. That's when the current TV contract runs out for both Oklahoma and Texas and as of right now, that is the timeline set for both schools to enter the conference. However, both of these schools have a tremendous amount of financial capabilities that could allow them to buy out a portion of that television contract.”

Multiple national media members have suggested the two schools could be playing in the SEC as early as next fall.