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It is no secret to anyone that the United States is currently dealing with a few things.

Many people are pointing fingers at this and that when it appears to be a group of things needing to be fixed.

Mark Ingram II, current running back for the Baltimore Ravens shared a video on twitter. The video is of a friend of his, Officer Deon Smith of Flint, Michigan who states, "I am am a product of Flint, Michigan!"

Before Officer Smith gets to that statement he delivers a heartfelt message to the community of Flint but the message is universal.

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He capped his speech by echoing words from Inky Johnson. Officer Smith encouraged the listeners to look Inky up afterward.Video below..

Inky Johnson was a former starting cornerback for the Tennessee Vols. After facing adversity, he changed his sights and set out to make a difference for whoever may need it.

Inky stated on Facebook, "I'm honored that my words resonate enough for your reference at a time such as this."