GAMEDAY: Open Thread/Live Blog: Tennessee State at Tennessee

Cory Sanning

It is that time of the week. 

After knocking off 15th-ranked Notre Dame in South Bend on Monday, Tennessee returns home to Knoxville to host Tennessee State at Thompson-Boling Arena on Thursday.

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Starting Lineups


G Jazmine Massengill 

G Jordan Horston 

F Rennia Davis 

F Lou Brown 

C Tamari Key

Tennessee State

G Jazmine Young

G Andreana Wrister

F Taylor Roberts

F Jaden Wrightsell

C Ashley Primas

First Quarter

Tennessee wins the opening tip. 

9:43 - Jazmine Massengill gets the scoring started with a layup.

Tennessee 2, Tennessee State 0

6:18 - Moving screen called on Lou Brown. Lady Vols make a group substitution.

Tennessee 8, Tennessee State 2

Timeout, 3:14: Tennessee 10, Tennessee State 10

1:17 - Kasiyahna Kushkituah ends Tennessee's scoring drought. 

0:42 - Jordan Horston drives and scores.

Tennessee 14, Tennessee State 10

END FIRST: Tennessee 14, Tennessee State 10

Second Quarter

8:42 - McCullah scores to start the second period.

Tennessee 14, Tennessee State 12

8:09 - Horston gets inside and scored for the Lady Vols.

7:34 - Rennia Davis knocks down a pair of free throws. 

Tennessee, 18 Tennessee State 12

Timeout, 6:45: Tennessee 21, Tennessee State 15

5:30 - Rae Burrell lays it in for her first score of the game.

4:32 - Burrell splits a pair of free throws. 

Tennessee 24, Tennessee State 15

3:49 - Banner knocks down a pair of free throws for the Lady Tigers.

3:32 - Horston knocks down a three from the right wing.

2:46 - Davis knocks down a pair of free throws to extend the Lady Vols' lead.

Tennessee 31, Tennessee State 20

1:40 - Kushkituah misses both free throws, Davis follows and scores.

0:00 - Davis misses a three at the buzzer.

HALFTIME: Tennsseee 35, Tennessee State 22

Third Quarter

9:12 - Lou Brown knocks down a corner three to start the half.

Tennessee 38, Tennessee State 22

Timeout, 6:51: Tennessee 38, Tennessee State 23

6:09 - Davis splits a pair of free throws for the Lady Vols.

4:45 - Richardson scores for the Lady Tigers.

Timeout, 4:37: Tennessee 39, Tennessee State 25

3:16 - Kushkituah splits a pair of free throws.

2:45 - Burrell scores to increase the Lady Vols' lead.

2:15 - Burrell splits a pair of free throws.

Tennessee 45, Tennessee State 25

0:52 - Emily Saunders scores the layup and draws the foul. She misses the ensuing free throw.

0:29 - Massengill connects on a pair of free throws for the Lady Vols. 

END THIRD: Tennessee 51, Tennessee State 27

Fourth Quarter

9:09 - Tamari Key lays it in to kick off the fourth period for the Lady Vols.

8:25 - Key connects on a pair of free throws. 

Tennessee 55, Tennessee State 29

7:13 - Brown knocks down a jumper from the free throw line. 

6:55 - Burrell gets inside for the score.

Timeout, 6:50 - Tennessee 59, Tennessee State 29

6:12 - Brown finds Davis for the layup.

4:46 - Burrell knocks down a three from the corner.

3:00 - Kushkituah sneaks inside for an easy score.

2:36 - Saunders lays it in at the rim.

Tennessee 68, Tennessee State 40.

1:57 - Burrell knocks down another three from straightaway.

FINAL: Tennessee 73, Tennessee State 43


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