Texas football: Explosive plays are key to taking next step

Chris Dukes

Tom Herman dropped an interesting stat during Big 12 Media Days. 

At no point during the team's 14-game schedule did the UT ever get up by enough points for senior tackle Calvin Anderson to come out of the game. 

Whether they were playing USC, Oklahoma, Tulsa or Kansas, the Longhorns were never quite able to separate from opponents. In other words, if it were boxing, all of Texas' wins would have gone to the judges. 

However, this year's team is hoping experience at quarterback, stability on the offensive line and - most importantly - more home run threats on offense will help give Texas the added knockout power needed to finish teams off and take the next step toward being elite. 

When asked about the team's playmakers, Herman chuckled and responded there were "a few", making a joke back to his infamous "some" comment from last year's Big 12 Media Days. 

 He pointed to player development and Keaontay Ingram, who he says is 20 pounds heavier and running a full mile per hour faster than he was this time last year.

He also mentioned recruiting, where guys like Jake Smith are expected to come in and add some firepower to the Texas offense. 

With an added power punch added to the team's trademark toughness, this Texas team could be a tough out for any opponent in the country regardless of ranking. 

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Man that Jake Smith hype train is ready to leave the station.


Want to see Ingram run in a live game to see the real improvement.


A few more scores could be the difference between the Sugar Bowl and a national title.