Texas football: Grading our bold predictions for LSU

Chris Dukes

It's that time of the week again. Time to check back in with our own words and see just how we did last week predicting the how the UT-LSU game would go. Let's not waste any more time and jump right in. 

Sam Ehlinger will lead the team in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns

Well we were right on the money on this one, but that's not necessarily  a good thing for Texas. 

Ehlinger - even after yards lost in sacks - still led the way with 60 yards and one touchdown on the ground. That accounted for almost exactly 50 percent of the team's 120 rushing yards. 

The Longhorns averaged just 3.8 yards per carry as Ehlinger's scrappy scrambling and the solid play of Roschon Johnson were the only bright spots in an otherwise-disappointing day on the ground. 

While a lot of this can be attributed to the LSU defense - which looks like it's going to be a salty unit against the run - Texas has still yet to take over a game on the ground. Being one dimensional will catch up with even the best passing attacks and quarterbacks. 

The Longhorns will be wise to try and establish their rushing game early and often in the upcoming game against Rice. 

Hit or miss: Hit 

LSU will struggle to run the ball

Well, so far we are two-for-two on in predictions for this game. We were even a little high on the number of yards the Tigers would manage. 

Our prediction said LSU wouldn't break 150 on the ground and they finished with 102. 

A lot of that credit goes to a stout defensive line for Texas. Unfortunately for the Longhorns some of it is also attributed to the fact the Tigers didn't really need to run to move the ball. 

The Tigers had 471 yards through the air and three different receivers finish with over 100 yards. It was a clinic by Joe Burrow, who left Austin as a legitimate Heisman contender. Predicting that before the game would have been bold indeed. 

Hit or miss: Hit 

We'll see much more of Cade Brewer

I really expected to see the former Lake Travis Cavalier have his big breakout game under the DKR lights, but this one was a big miss. 

Brewer caught just one pass for six yards as Sam Ehlinger instead focused on his big-play wide receivers down the field. It was another huge day for Devin Duvernay, who finished with 12 catches for 154 yards and two touchdowns. 

I still believe Brewer will eventually get a big day in this offense as teams continue to devote more attention to Duvernay and Brennan Eagles, but we'll have to wait at least one more week before we see him break out. 

Hit or miss: Miss 

Devin Duvernay will score a rushing touchdown

The play was set up exactly like I said it would be, but there was no running room for Devin Duvernay. 

The Longhorns ran a reverse in the second half to their speedy slot receiver, his only rushing attempt of the game. Unfortunately for Texas and for my record on predictions the LSU defense was wise to the Longhorns using Duvernay in the run game. 

Still, a few of his 12 catches were just a yard or two away from being full-fledged run plays as he was used a lot in the screen and flare game. I still expect to see some jet sweeps put into the playbook at some point this season with Texas' current problem with running back depth. 

Hit or miss: Miss  

Roschon Johnson will be involved in some sort of trick play 

Whelp, we straight up missed on this one. Johnson did play a big role in the team's offensive game plan, but it was much more as a traditional running back. 

Duvernay ended up being the guy who threw the trick play pass while Johnson - in just his third week at the running back position - looked like the workhorse in between the tackles. His stats weren't exactly impressive - seven carries for 32 yards - but the way he ran was. 

Johnson wasn't afraid to get into the meat of the defense, running north and south and falling forward for extra yardage. There are some rumblings that Johnson's move could be permanent even after several Texas running backs return from injury. 

Hit or miss: Miss 


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