Texas Football: Longhorns Among Favorites in Race to Land Electric Athlete

Chris Dukes

Four-star athlete Julien Simon recently released his list of top eight schools and the Longhorns made the cut. 

Simon included Texas along with Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Cal, Arizona State, USC and Stanford.

"Top 8 in no Order, please respect my decision. God’s plan," he wrote. 

The Tacoma, Washington native is the No. 5 athlete, No. 4 player in Washington and No. 101 overall athlete in the state of Texas. 

Watching his film: Simon could play running back, receiver or linebacker at the next level, he's got enough talent to play all three. A lot of coaches and scouts currently see him playing linebacker in college though. At 6-foot-2 and 221 pounds, Simon is physical enough to be a factor in the run game and plenty fast enough to keep up with slot receivers and running backs in coverage. He'll likely add a little weight to his frame in a collegiate strength and conditioning program. 

Where Texas stands: Simon has built a strong relationship with Michigan, Stanford and Washington in particular. Former Texas defensive coordinator Todd Orlando making a push to bring him to USC. The Longhorns offered Simon back in January and seem to have made quite a bit of headway in that time, but will still need to put in more work with John Harbagh and Michigan currently considered the lead. On a positive note for the Longhorns his list seems to indicate he's looking for a strong academic school. One would think that would bolster the Longhorns chances. 

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I was following this until I read this "...he's looking for a strong academic school. One would think that would bolster the Longhorns chances." You really think UT has a leg up on Michigan academically? UT class of '80 btw...



100% 🔥


My old burnt orange blood is fixing to boil over watching this young man with visions of Hercheal walker 2.2