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Pregame: Texas won the toss and differed to the second half. 

First quarter 15:00 Texas 0, TCU 0

Kickoff goes for a touchback. 

TCU mixing up the run and the pass to drive to midfield, but Texas gets a stop on third and short to force a punt. 

First quarter 11:30 Texas 0, TCU 0 

Keontay Ingram for 17 on the first play for Texas. Longhorns out to the 34-yard line. 

Ehlinger to Duvernay for another first down out to the Texas 43. 

Pass to John Burt sets up third-and-short, Ehlinger for no gain sets up a fourth-and-one. 

Never mind. Texas gets the first down on a replay. First and 10 on the TCU 46. 

Ehlinger hits Collin Johnson on the left sideline for a big gain. First and 10 Texas from the TCU 12. 

Ehlinger stuffed on a QB keeper. Texas held to a rare red-zone field goal from Dicker the Kicker. 

Scoring Drive: 12, plays 80 yards 4:48 off the clock

First Quarter 6:32 Texas 3, TCU 0 

Jalen Reagor on a misdirection for a first down. 

Max Duggan follows that up with a run of his own for another first down. TCU up to their own 48-yard line.  

Chris Brown with a huge interception on a Duggan throw to end the TCU drive. Blindside block penalty backs Texas up to its own 11 to start this drive. 

First Quarter 5:24 Texas 3, TCU 0 

Ehlinger with a couple of nifty moves to convert a third-and-one. 

Texas goes deep on the next play, but just misses on a pass to Jake Smith. He probably would have scored. 

Garrett Wallow picks off an Ehlinger pass and returns it to the Texas 20.

First quarter 3:02 Texas 3, TCU 0 

Three plays and no first downs for the Horned Frogs. Good stand by the Texas defense to force a field goal in a bad situation. 

32-yard field goal is good. 

Scoring drive: Four plays, six yards 1:18 off the clock. 

First quarter 2:25 Texas 3, TCU 3 

Roschon Johnson gets in the game for a three yard carry. 

Ehlinger misses on a short pass to force a third down and seven. 

Pass to Cade Brewer broken up. Forces a Texas punt and a three-and-out. 

First quarter 1:53 Texas 3, TCU 3 

A pair of TCU runs for a first down. Horned Frogs across midfield again. 

Roughing the passer penalty moves the ball further into Texas territory. First and 10 TCU from the Longhorn 32. 

Max Duggan for eight, then Sewo Olonilua for six. First down for TCU at the 23. 

Texas gets two stops behind the line to force a third-and-17, but gives up a long touchdown. 

TCU 10, Texas 3 Second Quarter 

Texas answers right back with a couple of Keaontay Ingram runs and a 47-yard bomb from Ehlinger to Devin Duvernay. 

Scoring drive: Four plays 75 yards 1:21 off the clock 

Second quarter 10:57 Texas 10, TCU 10 

Jalen Reagor appeared to fumble the kickoff return. We'll probably get a review on this one. 

Ruling stands. Texas ball first and 10 from the TCU 26. 

Ingram no running room on first down. 

Ehlinger hits Collin Johnson on a stop route for a first down to the TCU 11. 

Horns take a shot at the end zone on first down. Good defense by TCU. 

Horned Frogs stop Ingram after a three-yard gain. Brings up third and seven from the nine. Ehlinger goes to Johnson, but nothing doing. Good stop by TCU after the turnover to force another Cameron Dicker red zone field goal. 

A rare miss from Dicker, wide left. Texas comes away with no points in the red zone. 

Second Quarter 8:43 Texas 10, TCU 10 

Duggan passes to Carter Ware for a couple of yards. 

Anderson rushes for six yards to set up a third and two. Texas defense stuffs Anderson on third down to force a Horned Frogs punt. 

TCU shanked that punt something fierce. Longhorns take over with great field position at their own 42.  

Ehlinger throws to John Burt out of bounds on a third down. Texas will have to punt it back to TCU. 

Great punt for the Longhorns, downed on the 2-yard line where TCU will take over. 6:23 to go in the first half. 

Darius Anderson goes for one yard. Duggan misses on an out route to make it third-and-nine from the TCU 3-yard line. Duggan not only escaped what looked like a safety, but then found enough running room around the right side for a TCU first down to the 14-yard line. 

Duggan just misses Taye Barber on an over-the-shoulder pass that would have probably gone for big yards. Both teams have one near-miss in the passing game now. 

Dillon Barber blasted a 58-yard punt, then got some extra help when Jake Smith bobbled the return. Texas will start from its own 17. 

Ehlinger sacked for a loss of six back to the 11-yard line. Second and 16. 

Ehlinger hits Collin Johnson on the right sideline for a 25-yard gain and a first down. That play is under review. 

Ruling confirmed. First down Texas at the Longhorn 36. Ehlinger buys time in the pocket and hits Devin Duvernay for a 28-yard gain. Texas now at the TCU 36. 

Right back to Duvernay for an eight-yard gain. Cade Brewer appears to be shaken up on the play. 

Swing pass to Ingram for a nice gain. 11 yards on the play. First and 10 Texas from the TCU 17. 

Ehlinger hits Ingram for a wide-open touchdown pass. 

Scoring drive: Eight Plays, 83 yards 2:11 off the clock 

1:11 Second Quarter Texas 17, TCU 10 

Duggan hits Olonilua, then Te'Vailance Hunt for a pair of first downs. TCU now out to its own 40-yard line. Back to Hunt for another first down across midfield. 15 seconds to go in the half. 

Duggan finds Barber for five to the Texas 42. Nine seconds left to go in the half. 

Duggan hits John Stephens for a first down on the 35-yard line. We'll see a 52-yard field goal attempt here. 

Texas ices the kicker with its last timeout. Griffin Kell blasts a 52-yarder to cut the Texas lead to four. 

Scoring drive: Eight plays, 60 yards 1:04 off the clock. 

Halftime Texas 17, TCU 13 

Texas polishes off a fake punt to convert a fourth-and-one, but stalls out shortly after and settles for a real punt. 

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TCU takes over on its own 20-yard line. 

Duggan hits Barber for four, then Anderson for 10 to give TCU a first down and move the ball to the Horned Frogs 35. 

A penalty sets the Horned Frogs behind the sticks. Duggan's third-down throw just out of bounds to force a TCU punt. 

Texas will start this drive on its own 28. 9:50 to go in the third quarter. 

Pitch to Roschon Johnson goes for one yard. Short pass to John Burt goes for another yard. Third and a long seven. 

Ehlinger hits Duvernay over the middle. He breaks a couple of tackles to go for 63 yards and a first down on the TCU 5-yard line. 

After a one-yard gain on first down, Ehlinger channels his inner Tim Tebow with a jump pass , but it just misses its target. Third and goal. 

Ehlinger hit Collin Johnson in the end zone for a touchdown, but it's called back for a push off. Third and goal from the 20 this time. 

Ehlinger forced to throw the ball away. Texas will settle for another Dicker field goal attempt. 

This time the 38-yarder is good. 

Scoring drive: Seven plays, 52 yards 2:04 off the clock

7:46 Third Quarter, Texas 20, TCU 13 

Duggan hits Taye Barber on a go route for 51 yards. First and goal TCU from the four-yard line. 

Sewo turns the big play into seven points with a 1-yard plunge to the right. This game is tied up. 

Scoring drive: Five plays, 70 yards 2:07 off the clock

5:30 Third Quarter Texas 20, TCU 20 

Ehlinger makes a bad decision throwing over the middle to Jake Smith. Darius Washington steps in front of the pass and gets TCU's second interception of the game. 

Duggan hits Jalen Reagor on a 44-yard touchdown pass to give the Horned Frogs back the lead. 

Scoring drive: One play, 44 yards 0:08 off the clock. 

4:17 Third Quarter TCU 27, Texas 20 

Ehlinger tries Duvernay on the left side. He was well covered and it almost turned into a third interception. 

Ingram gets just one up the middle. Third and nine from the Longhorn 26. 

Ehlinger gets back to the line of scrimmage, but no further. The Longhorns will punt. 

Chris Naggar comes in to punt. Not sure if Bujcevski is injured. 

Duggan 11 yards on the keeper for a first down to the Horned Frogs 30. 

Juwan Mitchell gets into the TCU backfield for a sack. Loss of seven on the play. 

Duggan's third-down pass too tall for Reagor. TCU will punt it back to Texas. 

Longhorns take over at their own 33 yard line. 40 yard punt and no return. 0:43 to go in the third quarter. 

Ehlinger throws his third pick of the game, this one to Trevon Moehing. That's a killer. TCU takes over at the Texas 35. 

Ehlinger came into this game with only three interceptions on the whole season. Clearly not playing his best game today. 

Duggan with a keeper for a first down to the right. TCU now on the Texas 21-yard line. 

Darius Anderson with a physical five-yard run to the Texas 16-yard line. 

Back to Duggan on a keeper for three more yards. Sets up a crucial third and two. 

Direct snap to Oloniua. Texas was not fooled. Two-yard loss will bring on the field goal team. 

33-yard field goal is good. 

Scoring drive: Six plays, 20 yards 3:32 off the clock

11:28 Fourth Quarter TCU 30, Texas 20 

Ehlinger converts a third-down pass to Collin Johnson to keep the Longhorns from going three and out. That's a big completion. This game could have gotten away from them if they gave the ball right back to the Horned Frogs. 

Ehlinger checks down to Roschon Johnson. He evades a couple of tacklers for five yards and will get another 15 tacked on because of a facemask. First down Texas on the TCU 44-yard line. 

Ehlinger keeps it himself and runs for 11 yards and another Texas first down. Texas at the TCU 33 and driving. 

Another Ehlinger run, this time for 16 moves the ball down to the 18-yard line. Texas back in the red zone. 

Penalty starts Texas at first and 15 from the 22. 

Ehlinger tries Duvernay on the left sideline. Incomplete. 

Pass to Duvernay good for five yards. Third and 10. 

Ehlinger hits John Burt for a huge first down on a gain of 13. First and goal from the five. 

Roschon Johnson plunges in for the touchdown. Big answer by Texas to cut this to a three-point game. 

Scoring drive: 11 plays, 73 yards 4:38 off the clock. 

6:50 Fourth Quarter TCU 30, Texas 27 

Kickoff goes for a touchback. TCU starts at its own 25. 

Reagor stopped for no gain. 

Duggan takes a deep shot, but nothing doing. Holding penalty declined will bring up third down and long. 

Reagor completes a sileine pass to John Stephens for 16 yards. and a first down. Big completion from the Horned Frogs. 

Back to the ground and Oloniua. Gain of three. Duggan with the keeper for 14 yards. Another first down for TCU to the Texas 43-yard line. 

After a couple of stops behind the line of scrimmage, Duggan hits Owens on a beautiful route up the seam for 36 yards and another big third-down conversion. First and 10 TCU from the Texas 11. 

Duggan right up the middle of the Texas defense for a touchdown. That's a killer for Texas. 

Scoring drive: Nine plays, 75 yards 4:51 off the clock. 

1:59 Fourth Quarter TCU 37, Texas 27 

Texas takes over at the 20-yard line after D'Shawn Jamison's kickoff return in need of a quick score. 

Ehlinger tried to force the ball to Johnson. It was nearly picked off. 

Ehlinger finds Ingram for a gain of three on the right side. Brings up third and seven. 

Ehlinger on the QB keeper for a first down out to the 32-yard line. 

An incomplete pass on the right side. Ehlinger had Johnson open, but overshot him. 

Ehlinger throws his fourth interception of the game. That will just about do it for this one. 

Final TCU 37, Texas 27