Texas Football: Texas Will Get New Coordinators, Now What?

Chris Dukes

Texas fans wanted to see heads roll and yesterday they got their wish. 

 Todd Orlando is gone. Tim Beck is out as the offensive coordinator. Pass game coordinator/outside receivers coach Drew Mehringer (fired) and inside receivers coach Corby Meekins (reassigned) are no longer on the staff.  

A quiet Sunday morning on the news front quickly erupted into the Forty Acres' version of the Red Wedding. 

But programs don't get better by firing people. 

They get better by hiring them. 

Throw the first three seasons completely out the window. Forget about last year's wins over Georgia and Oklahoma (clearly the fanbase has). These next few weeks the most important in Tom Herman's entire tenure at Texas. 

But it's about more than just bringing in the next hotshot guru at the top of everyone's list. It's about making sure these next two hires also fit the vision Herman has for the program. 

We saw what happened when Mack Brown brought in new coordinators to try and freshen up a stale team. Manny Diaz was a defensive wunderkind who had success before and after his time with the Longhorns but turned out to be the wrong hire at Texas. 

Brian Harsin had a bit longer tenure in Texas, but his time on the Forty Acres is far from memorable either. 

Just two years later, it was Brown's turn to go. 

Rest assured if these next two hires don't work out, Herman will likely be looking at the same kind of timetable. 

Aside from a few inevitable holdovers, next year's version of the Texas staff will be completely different than this year's. Herman is almost certainly going to hire an offensive coordinator who can handle play-calling duties and one would only imagine the team will go in a different direction with its defensive scheme. 

It's going to test Herman's ability to change with the tide as well as his skills as the program's CEO. Can he change his formula to incorporate new schemes and voices while still holding on to the principals that attracted Texas to him in the first place?

For now, the administration and fanbase are both betting on it, but after a decade without a national contender, the Eyes of Texas are going to be focusing hard on how this all goes down. 

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“I take full responsibility for any and all of our shortcomings and know we need to do a better job coaching across the board,” Herman said. --- Yet he didn't fire himself.