Texas Football: Board of Regents Approves Multi-Year Contracts for Yurcich, Ash

Chris Dukes

The University of Texas Board of Regents has approved contracts for new offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich and defensive coordinator Chris Ash, per a report from Brian Davis from the Austin American Statesman. 

Yurcich received a three-year, $1.7 million-a-year contract. 

Yurcich previously served as the co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Ohio State. Before that, he was the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State from 2013-18. He also made stops at Edinboro, Shippensburg and Indiana (as a graduate assistant). 

“I talked with a number of coaches as we tried to find the best fit at offensive coordinator, and Mike is a guy who really stood out,” Texas head coach Herman said. “I’ve admired his work for many years, he’s very highly regarded and respected in the coaching world, and in talking at length with him, I was extremely impressed with what he’ll bring to our staff. He knows our conference well from his time at Oklahoma State and, including the run he had with Ohio State this year, has played a big part in some of the nation’s best offenses for the past several years. All of that said, what impresses me most about him is how he works with and develops players and the creative ways he utilizes all of his weapons on offense.”

Ash will make $800,000 a year for the next two seasons.

Ash was previously the head coach Rutgers from 2016-19. He was a defensive coordinator at Ohio State from 2014-15, Arkansas in 2013 and Wisconsin from 2011-12. 

“After taking a hard look at a lot of options at defensive coordinator, Chris was the one that continued to stand out,” Herman said. “We couldn’t be more excited what he’ll add to our staff. I’ve witnessed firsthand Chris’ skills as a game planner, his attention to detail and ability to develop players. He gets the best out of every one of them and has a history of building physical, fundamentally sound, winning defenses. He has done it at the highest level, is a tremendous all-around coach and an awesome person. I know he’ll do great things, and our players, coaches and staff will really enjoy working with him. We look forward to his arrival in Austin, getting to work, and him and his family joining our Longhorn family.”

The Board of Regents also approved contracts for Jay Boulware (three years, $700,000) and Coleman Hutzler (two years, $600,000). 

What does it mean?

Chris Del Conte has offered up what could be seen as a vote of confidence for Herman in a podcast with 247Sports and these multi-year contracts approved for the new assistants seem to follow that thought process. 

While the expectations are always high at a place like Texas, it would appear that Herman isn't in the "hot seat" going into 2020. Of course, another 8-5 season could change that quickly. 

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I don't know if I would take it as a vote of confidence. I think both guys could be out on the street with Herman if things don't get better quickly.

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Yeah I would agree with you. I am giving this a chance, but the leash is still short as far as I'm concerned.

Chris Dukes
Chris Dukes


There had been talk of one-year contracts with rollover options. I feel like guaranteed money would have to be seen an investment in a potential future.