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What the Extended Recruiting Dead Period Means for Texas

The NCAA recently extended the recruiting dead period until at least Aug. 1

Though many were hoping to see it lifted at the end of June, the NCAA recently extended its current recruiting dead period through the month of July. 

That means college football programs won't be able to talk to potential recruits in person through the entire summer. 

What does this mean for Texas? It could go one of two ways. We could see a flood of players who were already thinking about committing to schools go ahead and make their decision over the next few weeks or we could see much of the remaining pool of 2021 talent decide to put things off even longer. 

Many players try to get their commitments set before starting their senior season of high school to concentrate on having the best year possible with their teammates, but without official visits taking place, it may be harder for players to make those decisions. 

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We could also see more prospects push their recruitment into next year. The early signing day date of December 21 has only been around for three seasons, but has quickly supplanted the date in February as the day most players sign letters of intent. 

A compressed recruiting calendar could push many recruits through that original date into February of 2021. 

While we can all speculate on how the extended dead period will affect UT recruiting, the truth is we've never actually been through this situation before. We'll all have to find out together exactly how this will play out. The only thing for certain is it will likely continue to affect the recruiting timeline for months and months to come. 

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