Dodgers Latest West Coast Team Dropped From Four-Team Playoff

Chris Dufresne

Rankings out late today after a night of gnashing over another Dodger choke-job in the playoffs. Thank goodness Rankman grew up a Junior Angel and rarely has to worry over managerial decisions in the post season. Still, we feel the gut-wrench of Clayton Kershaw failing in yet another playoff performance. Only a sociopath would want to see a good person suffer and Kershaw seems like a good person. We can only equate his pain to Jerry West of the Lakers going oh-for-the 1960s in the NBA playoffs. With this exception: West was extraordinary, not mediocre, in the losing cause. He earned MVP in the 1969 finals against dreaded Boston. We here at Rankman Rankings hope that Kershaw gets his World Series ring. Sports are fun but they are also tragic, unfair and only sometimes redemptive. What I don't understand is why baseball strategy has to change in the playoffs. The Dodgers won 106 games with a formula that did NOT include Kershaw in relief. This idea of hero-worship baseball has been going on for years. Sandy Koufax beat Minnesota in 1965 on two days rest. And then, a year later, his arm fell off. One-man Orel Hershiser did the same for the Dodgers in the 1988 playoffs, which was fine, except the Dodgers haven't won the World Series since. Anyway, before we get back to college football, understand that the way baseball is managed these days is an abomination. And it only gets worse in the playoffs. Kershaw should have been lifted after striking out one batter in the seventh. He should not have been allowed to open the eighth. Why, Why why? Oh, well, can't wait for Washington vs. Houston in the World Series...

1: Ohio State (6-0): Bosa revenge flag plant on Baker was sophomoric, silly, disrespectful and probably necessary…

2: LSU (5-0): Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waiting for a game, feeling bout as faded as my jeans…Me and Rankman McGee.

3: Alabama (5-0): Not saying the Tide haven’t been challenged but their “toughest” game to date is at TAMU this week as a 17-point favorite…

4: Georgia (5-0): Working hard to secure No. 3 seeding ahead of Florida in the Roy Kramer-inspired SEC National Championship Series.

5: Clemson (5-0): Twenty years ago FSU game was Bowden vs. Bowden. This week it’s Ali vs. Wepner.

6: Oklahoma (5-0): Marilyn: “Joe you’ve never heard such cheering.” Joe: “Yes I have.” Horns to Hurts. “Jalen you’ve never seen anything like Texas-OU.” Hurts: “I played in the Iron Bowl.”

7: Wisconsin (5-0): A W comparison: Badgers have surrendered 29 points all season; Washington State surrendered 29 points to UCLA in fourth quarter.

8: Florida (6-0): Hard-of-hearing Swamp things head to Deaf Valley but only after quick study of Dewey Decibel System.

9: Penn State (5-0): Coach handled racist fan letter about player’s hair about as well as a coach with no hair could handle it.

10: Notre Dame (4-1): Team doctor says incoming “Kedon Slovis” is treatable with new antibacterial soap “Irish Spring.”

11: Texas (4-1): Oklahoma is always the worst week for Bevo as he tries to stay off the Texas State Fair menu.

12: Auburn (5-1): Toomer’s Corner becomes “Amen Corner” as team faces harrowing stretch White Dogwood (LSU), Golden Bell (Georgia) and Ala-zalia (Bama).

13: Oregon (4-1): Tough defense and 17 points of offense is an affront to all of us who supported joy-stick tailbacks and vomit-green uniform changes.

14: Boise State (5-0): Chef’s pregame meal for Hawaii has been set for weeks and is not a big surprise: Surf & (Blue) Turf.

15: Utah (4-1): Disturbing news delivered by local dietitian during off week: entire city needs to cut back on salt.

16: Michigan (4-1): Harbaugh says “We’re hitting our stride” just before pulling hammy and falling sideways off Bo’s old office treadmill.

Next Four Out

Hawaii: Backup center T. Heyerdahl thinks, with the right wind conditions, he can get Kon-Tiki II across Boise’s blue ocean.

Arizona State: Still hard to find on live TV but Rankman enjoys the Sunday taped, edited replays with announcer Lindsey Nelson.

SMU/Baylor: Rise of former SWC bandit programs prompts NCAA to update “Death Penalty” files from analog to digital.

Minnesota: Gophers are 9,995 weak schedule opponents from becoming known as “Land of 10,000 Fakes.”

Next Four Never:

UCLA: Chip Kelly is 4-14, 405 Fwy is a mess, basketball picked to finish eighth, fans walking out door, Troy Aikman not walking in…

Tennessee: Two fans at Knoxville's "Pitted Prunes & Pruitt" are wondering, um, if anyone had Greg Schiano’s home number.

UMass: 44-0 loss to FIU reminds Rankman of classic Bee Gees refrain from 1967: “The lights all went out in Massachusetts.”

Rutgers: Under rule passed this week students can now “redshirt” season tickets for 2020 if they have attended four games or fewer.

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Your baseball take is right on the money, Rankman. Managing in baseball is, indeed an abomination, these days. My thought: Dave Roberts out ( probably to Padres or Giants), Joe Maddon next DODGER skipper.

Chris Dufresne