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They are college football's red-headed step-child.

Every time you see or hear a Pac-12 news conference, someone is leaving, whether it is a marquee coach such as Oregon's Mario Cristobal, who took his play book to his alma mater, the University of Miami last winter, or Pac-12 anchor schools such as UCLA and USC sprinting towards the Big 10.

Let's get real here, NONE of the other Power 5 leagues--Big 12, ACC, SEC, Big 10--is in real immediate jeopardy. 

It's all speculation, coupled with media and fan dramatization. 

The Pac-12 is actually wounded--UCLA and USC ARE LEAVING in 2024. A new media rights package is being discussed and the numbers being reported are not pretty--a cut nearly in half, not surprising with the lucrative Los Angeles market disappearing.

Which is why Pac-12 media day on Friday should be the most compelling gathering thus far. 

And it's the last of the Power 5 gatherings.

Thank heavens.

Enough speculation, enough posturing, enough frenzy feeding about super conferences.

It's time to put the toys away until January and focus on another college football season which has the potential of being the most dramatic of the past 20 years.

That is still a month away, however.

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For now we give you the Pac-12's sad story.

Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff, beginning his second year on the job, will give a state of the conference address on Friday.

Whether it will include any good news remains a mystery.

There's been lots of speculation, most of it including a fire sale of Pac-12 conference schools to other leagues.

A few of them include plans for the Pac-12 being the Pac-12, which include a pair of new schools such as San Diego State and Fresno State or UNLV.

The idea we suggested at TMG a few weeks ago---a federated football only arrangement with the ACC in a super 24 school Atlantic-Pacific Conference remains a possibility as well.

One thing is clear.  Unlike the other conferences the Pac-12 must do SOMETHING.

If it decides that it will shrink to the Pa and sign any deal it can get and carry on, so be it.

If it dissolves, such as life.

If it merges with another conference, whether that is the Big 10, Big 12 or ACC, let the games begin.

The encouraging part of Pac-12 media day is that it will be the last of the Power 5 media gatherings.

It will soon be August and we concentrate on college football 2022, which should be fascinating.