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The numbers are staggering, almost unprecedented in the modern era of college football.

And if Nick Saban doesn't use them as a recruiting tool at the University of Alabama for every recruit, he should.

Consider this statistic:

Since 2006, when Saban jumped from the Miami Dolphins to revive the Alabama program, EVERY player that has committed to the Tide and stayed for four seasons has been part of a national championship team.

Of the 15 recruiting class that Saban has brought to Tuscaloosa, 9 have been part of 2 national championship teams.

Saban's best class--the freshmen he brought in in 2009--won three national championships (09, 11, 12)

It could be argued that almost no quality NFL caliber recruits--which are part of Saban's recruiting fabric at Alabama--stay for four seasons.

True enough, but Saban always restocks quality with quality.

The true beauty in the national champion blue print is the reward for a back up offensive lineman or a long snapper whose football career will end after their college career concludes.

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What a legacy to have for a  player, especially one that is unmatched by anyone else in college football.

The latest episode in this historic run will, of course, conclude in Indianapolis on Monday night when the defending national champion Tide attempt a two-game season sweep of SEC rival Georgia.

Alabama won the first meeting--in the SEC title game--in Atlanta last month, 41-24. The task of winning a rematch against a quality team such as the No. 3 ranked Bulldogs--the loss to Bama was Georgia's only defeat of the season--can be daunting.

So much, in fact, Georgia is a slight favorite.

In typical Alabama-Saban fashion, The Tide is ready for its next challenge, well aware of what it must do.

""It's obviously good to watch we've done in the past, obviously it's good to watch the film, it's good to learn from that,'' said Alabama sophomore quarterback Bryce Young, who is also the 2021 Heisman Trophy winner. ""But we don't start with any more points because of anything that's happened with the past. Anything in the past is exactly that, in the past. You don't get any carry over.

So it's going to be a new game and we have to earn the outcome we want. You learn from that, but we have to understand we are playing a completely different game. We have to understand that we have to earn that for 60 minutes.

Again, it starts with preparation and day to day putting ourselves in the position to be successful when the game starts. But we understands its different. We have to earn it.

Alabama and Saban have earned it, game after game, season after season for the past 15 years.