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BC: On the road to???

(An outsiders musings about BC, aka The Heights) It has been a quiet winter at The Heights. The Boston College football…

(An outsiders musings about BC, aka The Heights)

It has been a quiet winter at The Heights. The Boston College football team is getting ready to start spring practice, with a sense of optimism generated by the end of the season three game winning streak and bowl victory.

The basketball team is again mired in the depths of the ACC standings, headed to another losing season, with the only positive vibes generated because the Eagles' have been more competitive in a losing streak, which is now at 10 games and counting. This all but guarantees the Eagles will be again done with their season by the Ides of March.

Even the Eagles' gold standard, Coach Jerry York's men's hockey team, has dropped into second tier status as a national hockey power.

This is not to suggest that there is tranquility at BC. The questions of direction for the athletic department remain. Athletic Director Brad Bates continues to operate in what almost everyone thinks are his final months as the Eagles' AD, working from the shadows, quietly doing his job.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

Bates' contract expires in October, but more than likely will be terminated by June.

Bates' future is the lynch pin in determining BC's athletic future. Basketball coach Jim Christian continues to work in an atmosphere filled with uncertainty, which is not a surprise considering the Eagles--despite their competitive play-are headed for a two year stretch in the ACC, with what could be a 2-34 conference record.

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Under normal conditions, Christian's future at BC would be shaky at best, determined by the athletic director.

But how does Bates operate with his own future in question?

If a change is made at the athletic director level in June, what are the odds that a new athletic director makes a coaching change?

And then there is football.

BC coach Steve Addazio quieted the critics with a .500 season and a bowl win over Maryland. But there seems little question that a sub .500 season next fall, will again put Addazio in the endangered species category as BC's coach.

There is also the larger issue of how long BC President Father Wlliam Leahy will remain. The rumors were strong throughout the fall that Leahy was ready to retire, working on making an announcement before the end of the school year.

But right now, as we move from February into March with the arrival at spring, the rumors remain rumors and life at The Heights goes on under a blanket of snow and the sounds of silence.

There is little chatter or even speculation. [/membership]