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egThe news on the college football front is disturbing, if not unsettling.

Free agency (transfer portal) running wild as another recruiting season winds down.

News continues of multi-million dollar NIL funding being set up at numerous schools, which increases the possibility of a bidding war for talent increasing.

No significant movement on breaking the log jam created with conference re-alignment, but departing schools playing two or even three years as lame duck members

No tangible signs of coming to an agreement on the structure or timing of an expanded playoff system.

One of the more disappointing aspects of a bowl system bloated with far too many games--and spare me the "experience of playing--was that we have settled for merely participating.

Bowl games should be "REWARDS'' for a season well played, not a reward for mediocrity, which a 6-6 season indicates. 

And then there was this final caveat. 

 Because of scheduling conflicts and existing deals with the Rose and Sugar bowls, New Day had no punch, no drama.

None of the games had any significant meaning, which, combined with the blow-out nature of the two CFP semifinals, made the entire New Year's weekend a wash out.

Throw in the regional aspect  of the national title game between Alabama and Georgia and you have all time low television ratings in many parts of the country

But there is way to guarantee CFB ends with a  matter not a whimper every season--no matter what format is put into place.

Take back New Years by staging all four quarterfinal games on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day. spacing them out with a prime time New Year's Eve kick off for one quarterfinal game in Miami, Texas, Arizona ort Atlanta and three show case events, starting at 12:30  at. 4 and 8:30 on New Year's Day.

Using a 12 team playoff format this season imagine this Friday and Saturday CFP quarterfinal line up.

New Year's Eve

Cotton Bowl

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No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 8 Oklahoma State

 New Year's Day

Peach Bowl

No. 3 Georgia vs. No. 6 Ohio State

Rose Bowl

No 2 Michigan vs. 7 Baylor

 Sugar Bowl

No. 4 Cincinnati vs. No. 5 Notre Dame.

All good match ups, all with meaning, which would create the best day each year in college athletics, rivaling basketball's Final Four weekend, or perhaps even surpassing it.

Television can then take the quarter final  winners and create a pair of semi final games and a championship game. but they would be playing with house money 

If Alabama and Georgia were matched in a championship game in Indianapolis this weekend, it would be a bonus.

The important factor would be that college football would have regained control of New Year's s Day, making it Must See Football for every college football fan.

Everyone agrees it would be a positive step for college football

Now the  CFP has to make it happen, sooner, rather than later.


Rumors are spreading that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is focused on the Las Vegas opening. An announcement on Harbaugh's status could come in the next few days. He reportedly also has an offer of a contract extension, which he has yet to sign.