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A JERSEY GUY: What if...they actually played CFB this fall?

A college football season is here--ready or not.

The last time we really paid attention to what was happening on the field in college football was last January in New Orleans when LSU coach Ed Orgeron was proclaiming (with good reason) the Tigers as king of the CFB.

On Saturday night, with ESPN letting us watch, Arkansas State will meet Austin Peay in a game in Montgomery, Alabama in an FCS game.

In case you were wondering, Austin Peay was co-champs of the Ohio Valley Conference last season with an 11-4 record, while Cenrtral Arkansas was 9-4 and co-champs of the Southland Conference.

What happens beyond that is open for debate, with no guarantees about anything.

When nothing makes sense does that get transformed into everything makes sense because it's ALL nonsense?

Who knows.

For now, let's assume that Central Arkansas does play Austin Peay on Saturday night-Central Arkansas is a 4 point favorite.

Let's take a leap of faith and say they actually start and finish a season.

So let's go all the way and make some predictions (again this all for shits and giggles and not much more right now).

Six conferences--unless the Big Ten coaches stage their coup and are able to play this fall--will have champions.

They will be:


BIG 12--Oklahoma




SUNBELT--Appalachian State

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BIG TEN--Ohio State*

The Final Four semifinals in the Sugar Bowl will be: No. 1 Clemson vs. No. 3 Florida and in the Rose Bowl No. 2 Alabama vs. 3  Oklahoma.

Clemson will beat Alabama in the Orange Bowl for the national championship.

Heisman - Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence

Now back to the real world of chaos and uncertainty.

What has happened to the Big 10?  Chaos, protests and revolutions. Everyone is talking, but no one is talking to each other and there is absolutely NO leadership being displayed anywhere.

So we have chaos, with the Big Ten coaches now putting together a plan that starts in November and ends in January?  

Really. The Big Ten Presidents are going to approve that?

The Big Ten Presidents, who never officially took an individual vote on suspending the season—no President wanted to officially go on record as voting NO—are going to let the coaches and athletic directors run the football operations?


If any of that happens, what is the over/under on Kevin Warren's tenure as Big Ten Commissioner?

Here's a solution. Bring back Jim Delany out of retirement. He created much of the system, he can fix it. Can't he? Of course he can. He's a Jersey Guy.

Glad to know ND has things under control. The Irish are starting to phase in "in person'' classroom attendance after studying the COVID-19 numbers and issuing stern warnings about too much partying.

Football appears safe under the Golden Dome.

And we haven't even mentioned the players' lawsuit at Nebraska against the Big Ten. Can there be any clearer signs that Nebraska is unhappy in its relationship with the conference and wants to get (kicked) out?

Does anyone really believe that the Nebraska players did all of this without approval by the Husker Nation administration and leadership?

So let the game or games begin.

*If Big Ten actually reverses itself and plays football this year