A JERSEY GUY: NCAA Directive: Mandatory Masks

Mark Blaudschun

The NCAA has rarely been a proactive organization, with the haphazard way member schools have dealt with COVID-19 pandemic serving as the latest example.

If there is one criticism you hear in college football is that the sport needs a strong leadership voice to set an agenda for its member schools.

The NCAA does listen, however. 

According to several sources, the NCAA  is expected to  issue a directive to its member schools that participants in all workouts, drills and team activities will be required to wear masks.

There will also be other protocol issues as well.

The directive could come as early as Tuesday afternoon.

According to several sources, the NCAA is working on a protocol directive on what schools must do as they prepare for an upcoming football season.

""I don't know why we are doing this,'' said one FBS  coach. ""It's one thing after another, just shut it down until things settle down again.''

Unlike the NBA, NHL, MLB or the NFL, where the commissioner's office dictates action, the NCAA office in Indianapolis has much less power and generally lets its member schools set their agenda, within the guidelines of NCAA by-laws.

The latest surge in the COVID-19 pandemic is another example of the NCAA's passive leadership, as different schools and conferences have started and stopped their workouts, shut down their season, without any sense of cohesiveness.

The directive the NCAA issues will set up a protocol for practice, which most people now feel will be made irrelevant as games are cancelled.


Mark Blaudschun