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If the Big 12 is upset with the Southeastern Conference it needs to push back with a bold move.

What better way to do that and by making a call to the University of Alabama and offer the job of commissioner to Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne, whose heritage to the Big 12 is as strong as his credentials.

Byrne's father Bill has legendary status in the Big 12 as a former athletic director at Nebraska and Texas A&M.


During an 11 year run at Nebraska, Byrne's Nebraska teams won 45 Big 12 conference championships in 11 different sports

His stint at Texas A&M was equally successful

Greg Byrne's resume is equally impressive. He has 25 years of experience in sports administration, including the last 5 years at Alabama, which includes record-breaking success far beyond the reaches of Nick Saban's exploits with Alabama football.

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Why leave the security of Alabama for the uncertainty of life in the Big 12 which is facing massive changes with the defection of Oklahoma and Texas and the addition of UCF, BYU, Cincinnati and Houston?

All Byrne can do at Alabama is maintain the status quo.  The Tide can't go much higher up on the success scale.

The challenge of being a conference commissioner, which will include a boost in play as well--from $1.3 million to between $3 and 5 million--can not be ignored.

Byrne's status in the SEC is at the elite level.  Moving  to the Big 12 won't  put him on SEC commissioner Greg Sankey's level simply because the SEC is still the power broker, but it would give the Big 12 a person with credentials at the table as massive changes take place over the next few years in college athletics.

The Big 12 has expressed a desire to have its new commissioner named by the middle of July.

Lots of names from conference AD's to University Presidents have had their names floated as contenders, including Byrne's.

If you look at the big picture, there isn't a name that's better.