Tony Barnhart (Mr. College Football) and Mark Blaudschun (A Jersey Guy) both love football, but sometimes they have different opinions.

Topic: Will Alabama make it to the national championship game this season?

A Jersey Guy:  The obvious answer is Yes.

The Tide might stumble once, but twice in the same season? Not bloody likely, you might argue, with a lot of history to back you up.

But this year we beg to disagree.

Here's why.

The two point win over Florida was a wake up call, no doubt. And I'm sure Coach Nick Saban pounced on it. I would hate to be Southern Miss (Bama's opponent this week). The Golden Eagles could be hard pressed to get a first down on Saturday.

But this is what We project.

Alabama could run the table and then beat Georgia again in the SEC championship game, which obviously would put Alabama in a CFP semifinal game in the Cotton Bowl as a No. 1 seed

If Georgia makes the Final Four with one loss, they most likely would be a No. 4 seed.

If that happens, Georgia would be in the Cotton Bowl against Alabama. I don't think Alabama can beat Georgia in  back to back games.

It becomes more problematical, if an Oklahoma, Ohio State,  Penn State, Oregon or even a Clemson are in the No. 4 spot. But I will gamble on that and say that the Tide will be swept out to see in the Jerry Dome on New Years Eve.

Either way they don't make it to the championship game.


In September fans and media share the same issue: They tend to over-react to a single game--both good and bad. And that is certainly the case for Alabama's hard-fought 31-29 win at Florida last Saturday.

First of all, let us remember that Alabama actually WON the game. Based on some of the callers on Paul Finebaum's Show--who were ready to fire both coordinators--you would have thought that the Crimson Tide posted an "L" in The Swamp. I think the fact that Alabama failed to cover the 14 1/2 point betting line may have had something to do with that disatisfaction.

Now, Jersey Guy, let's address your central question.

OR COURSE Alabama is going to be in the national championship game. And here's how it is going to happen:

Alabama will be undefeated (12-0) in the regular season.

Georgia will be undefeated (12-0) in the regular season.

The two teams will be ranked 1-2 when they play in Atlanta for the SEC championship. Georgia will win by field goal, 17-14.

The College Football Playoff selection committe will conclude that Georgia and Alabama are the two best teams in the country but will seed the CFP as follows:





Georgia beats Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl; Alabama beats Oregon in the Orange Bowl.

Georgia and Alabama meet in a rematch for the national championship in Indianapolis.

So yes, Alabama makes it to yet another national championship game. But will they beat Georgia  the second time around?

That's another Extra Points for another day. Stay tuned.