A JERSEY GUY:  A Plan To Fix What Is Broken In Wide World of Sports

Mark Blaudschun

Our question of the day as we wait for the games to resume--in a few weeks, a few months.

If we had Czar power over sports, what changes would we make to make them better when they resume?

Let's look at each sport and do some tweaking.


Make the season more calendar friendly.  Back in my day--when I was truly a baseball fan, there were 16 teams and 154 game schedule.  The regular season started in early April and was over by the end of September.

The World Series was a Fall Classic, played in October--in daylight hours.

If we assume baseball resumes in late May or early June, we would shorten the regular season to 120 games and pick up the playoffs in October.

Next season we would scale back to 154 games and start the first week in April and end by October 1. We would even schedule regular  season, Sunday afternoon (no split) doubleheaders.

And the  World Series weekend games would be played in daylight hours.

Professional Football

We know we can't stop the expansion of the NFL, which means 17 and probably 18 regular season games and a Super Bowl that is played in February.

But we would shorten training camp--no camps before the first week in August. Only two exhibition games and no regular season games until the second weekend in September. Give the XFL another chance, but play games in April and May.

College Football

Ok, let's do this: Eight-team playoff, with  quarterfinal rounds played on campus sites the third weekend in December.

Cut back to 11 regular season games and NO games in August.

Have the 4 quarterfinal winners play in designated Playoff Bowl games on January 1 and the two winners play a week to 10 days later.

The lost revenue from one less regular season game would be more than made up by the extra revenue earned from the expanded playoff system.

College Basketball

NO games before Thanksgiving Weekend, an NCAA tournament field which included 32 slots give to REGULAR SEASON champions, with the other 36 or 38 or even 40 at-large slots chosen from conference tournament champions and other teams picked by the selection committee.


 The regular season starts on Christmas Day and goes through the mid June. Playoffs run through June and July.

By doing this, the NBA avoids conflict with baseball and football at the peak of their interest in October, November and most of December and fills a void in July with meaningful games.


Similar to the NBA. Start Thanksgiving Weekend, regular season runss through mid-May, and ends in June.

Other sports would be tweaked. We like PGA Golf with five Major (The Players being the Fifth) tournaments spread from March through August.

 That's our plan. 

Let's hope the games begin sooner rather than later.


Mark Blaudschun