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A college football season is upon us, so it is only fair--courtesy of the New York Times-- to give you a Top 10 rankings COVID-19 positive tests of FBS schools who will begin their seasons in the next few weeks.

Number of Cases   School

1.   835                North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

2.   727                UCF (University of Central Florida)

3.   568               Alabama (Tuscaloosa)

4.   557               Auburn

5.  509               North Carolina State

6.  504              Georgia (Athens)

7.   500             Texas A&M (College Station)

8.   483             Texas (Austin)

9.   473             Notre Dame

10. 382            East Carolina (Greenville, N.C.)

  Another No. 1 ranking for the SEC, which had four schools, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and Texas A&M barely squeeze past the ACC--North Carolina, NC State and Notre Dame.

And in fairness, we should again point out these are student body numbers, not football teams, which should be a good enough reason to increase the push for schools to isolate their athletes in dorms away from the rest of the student body.

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The internal battle in the Big Ten is as intriguing as it is chaotic.  Only one fact seems clear, there is no leadership role being filled. Not by embattled new commissioner Kevin Warren, not by the conference Presidents and Chancellors, not by the coaches and not by the players.

Can the Presidents, who have twice turned down opportunities to play or at least try to play football this fall, reverse themselves and approve of a truncated schedule which either begins after Thanksgiving and overflows into the new calendar year or make a move for winter football, starting in January?

Hard to believe either can or will happen, but in this wild and crazy season, all bets are off on what might or not happen.

Which begs another question. If the Big Ten does pick up football in the next few months, what is the credibility factor of Commissioner Warren?


A sad part of the cutbacks in college football is the reduction of jobs and staffs throughout the conferences, with furloughs and salary cuts becoming part of the landscape.

According to sources, the most stringent is in the Big 12 which has chopped some staff salaries by as much as 50 percent, which is tough to accept when conference commissioners are earning million plus dollar salaries and only taking a 20 percent pay cut.


The Pac-12 might not be as courageous as some people think for making its decisions to suspend all fall athletics for the remainder of the calendar year.

In some cases, it didn't have much of an option. Both UClA and USC are basically shutdown, which meant that neither team could even conduct practices, much less prepare for a season with restrictions.


Interesting rumor floating around that Notre Dame told its new ACC partners that it wanted to play football when the sentiment around the remainder of the conference was to shut things down for the fall.

With that knowledge, the ACC reversed course and has gone through with its plans to begin its season, starting next week.