TMG Newsmaker of Week: Christian McCaffrey

Mark Blaudschun

The irony of it, of course, is that Christian McCaffrey has received more attention and publicity in the past five days for NOT playing football than for anything he has done on the field for the past three years.

McCaffrey, the multi-talented running back from Stanford, made headline news in the world of college football over the weekend by announcing that he would not participate in his team's bowl appearance in the Sun Bowl against North Carolina

McCaffrey did not use injuries as an excuse--although he has had an injury plagued season. But he simply said that he wanted to prepare for the next phase of his career, which is the NFL draft.

Honest and understandable from an athlete who gave Stanford three seasons of good and at times great performances. Why take the risk of getting hurt in what is basically a meaningless game?

The critics and purists howled about team loyalty and all for one and one for all. The topic went viral in the social media world.

The only question in which there is a gray area is this: If Stanford were playing in the Rose Bowl or in a Final Four playoff bowl with a national championship at stake would he have taken the same stance?

The consensus opinion seems to be that under those conditions, McCaffrey would have played. But that begs another question. The only reason not to play in the Sun Bowl was to avoid an injury which could affect his career. The quality and importance of the game has no bearing on how or when a player can get hurt.

McCaffrey made his choice. It might not have been the right choice, but it wasn't wrong either. He did what he felt was best for Christian McCaffrey.

For that, Christian McCaffrey is TMGCollegesports Newsmaker of the Week.


Mark Blaudschun