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David Gibbs Discusses UCF's Defense in Year 2

Experience, versatility and depth highlight the 2022 UCF defense.

UCF is in a completely different situation than it was last season. There’s no need to teach players where to line up, what the play calls are, and they are already acclimated with the signals from the sidelines.

That’s a great head start for UCF Co-Defensive Coordinator and Secondary Coach David Gibbs. Less time away from teaching actual football. Here’s Gibbs giving insight into what that means for the Knights during the 2022 football season:

Similar to the experience factor, the players are now familiar with the Knight position. It’s a hybrid role that can be used in different ways. Gibbs has his own definition about the ideal player manning the Knight position, and he talks about it here:

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Finally, Gibbs is known as a secondary coach. He expects even better play this upcoming season with more competition and a better feel for the defensive scheme:

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