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UCLA football quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson and safety Quentin Lake talked to reporters after their 24-17 win over Washington on Saturday. Lake opened things up by talking about preventing another comeback late, and Thompson-Robinson talked about the mentality he and the offense had in the fourth quarter.

Performance from the DBs tonight?

Quentin Lake: In games past, we’ve had a little injury (issue) – guys knicked up here and there. I feel like finally we are getting back to where we were in the first two games when we were pretty healthy. And then in terms of the interception, all credit due to the D Line and the pass rush. As you saw, he had pressure in his face, he threw the ball up high and then I was able to come down with the interception. All the credit to them and the D Line.

Kirkwood’s INT?

QL: That was awesome. That was probably the biggest play of the game, honestly. In my opinion. Like, you’re in the big games, and you kind of see… The whole play kinda played in slow motion almost. He’s running after the post, the receiver has a step on him, but he’s so long, he puts his hands out, bobbles it a little bit, but ends up coming down with it. I was ecstatic and super happy for him. But that was a huge stop. It changed the whole momentum of the game. That was an awesome play.

As one of the veterans of the secondary, what’s it like seeing true freshman make that play?

QL: I mean he’s been doing that all spring, all fall camp. Big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games. He had the confidence, he was super comfortable out there. I’m super proud of him, ecstatic – he got his first one of the season and the first one of his career. Many more to come for him. Excited for what it can do for the rest of the season.

Stopped Washington from coming back like earlier in the game?

QL: So the model this week has been – usually, we throw the fours up in the fourth quarter to signal, ‘Oh, it’s the end of the game.’ But our motto was, ‘We throw up ones.’ To signal it’s just the beginning, just the start. That was the biggest thing in the sense that it’s not the end – we got a team full of energy, we were ready to play, the offense did their thing, drove the ball down, great running game, great passing game due to this man right here [Thompson-Robinson] and others on the offensive side. We just had to step it up, that’s it. In games past, we weren’t successful finishing, but I think the motto this week really helped us finish the game this week.

Fourth down conversion?

Dorian Thompson-Robinson: The fourth down conversion, the quarterback sneak?

The one where you cut outside, when you went up the middle and then went around.

DTR: You know again just doing my job, they had pretty good coverage downfield so being able to make a play when my number was called was definitely big and then the pass to Greg, they went all-out blitz, slowed it down, let the line communicate it out and they blocked out just good enough for me to get the ball out and then great running, great route so all around everybody did their job, kept the game real simple and just everybody just executed so I was really proud of my guys on offense and defense.

Spread the ball around without Philips?

DTR: Yeah exactly. You know I’m so proud of those guys, the 2’s, the 3’s, guys like Josiah, Logan that have been chomping at the bit to get on the field and now that their number’s called they make some plays so definitely proud of those guys and like I said we just kept the game real simple and executed on all on all phases.

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Personally take over on last drive?

DTR: Nah it’s just the level of focus has to increase from everybody on offense so just making sure I do my job and I do my job really well and I think that’s what I did tonight as well as everybody else, I can’t go 8-for-8 if guys don’t catch the ball and guys don’t block so credit to my whole line and also my receivers they did a hell of a job tonight.


DTR: You know, that’s the one thing I love about these guys on offense and really this whole team. There’s not a lot of “me” guys on this team. We preach “we not me” and you know, he was cool blocking. You know we put a challenge in front of him kind of having a little fullback position and having to block some bigger bodies and stuff. He knew what his role was and he played it really well tonight. And like I said, when his number was called, he made a play. That was the game-clinching play, so you never know when your number is going to be called, but if you do your job every play you’ll be all right. So I’m really proud of Greg.

Satisfying win?

QL: It was just fun. You have a loud stadium, everything’s hectic, you’re on the road, coming off a victory in the past, it’s just a lot of emotion, a lot of things to look forward to. Obviously a lot of things to correct too. But these are the ones you kind of remember over the course of your career. We played hard, didn’t have a lot of mistakes. Special teams, offense, defense was clicking. And then obviously big time players make big time plays in big time games. I’m just smiling. It was fun.

3-0 on road, now game against Oregon?

DTR: We’re going to treat every game the same. I think we’re more so glad to play at 12:30 instead of 7:30. But we’re going to go in and prepare just like we did for Washington. One day at a time, start on Monday and work our way up.

12:30 start?

DTR: Love it.

Q Lake: Wake up and play. Bend over, touch your toes, and get on the field.


DTR: Like I said earlier, we try to keep the game as simple as possible. The game of football is about blocking and catching, and I think we did that really well tonight.

Reaction to Kirkwood’s pick?

DTR: My young bull. If there’s one person I can be super ecstatic and happy for, it was him. Like I said, he hadn’t got in the game all game and his number was called, he made his play, and I couldn’t be more happy for him. We talk about it all the time.

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