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Tyleik Williams Commits to Ohio State

One of the few remaining targets in the Tar Heels' 2021 recruiting class has made his decision, how does that affect UNC?

Tyleik Williams is a Buckeye.

Williams was one of the last defensive linemen that the Tar Heels had left on their board. He was deciding between UNC, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, and his now committed school of Ohio State.

The defensive tackle from Manassas, VA is listed as a four-star prospect, and it’s easy to see why. He has a great frame for the position at 6’3” and 330 pounds. He is strong and a good athlete. There was a reason that his final six featured the powerhouse programs that it did.

Williams would have also filled a position of need for the Tar Heels in this 2021 class. They currently have two big-time defensive ends with Keeshawn Silver and Jahvaree Ritzie, and Trevion Stevenson looks to fill that role of a hybrid between a defensive end and an outside linebacker. However, there is no commits at the defensive tackle position.

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At this point, there is only one other major target left at that position, and that would be Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins. He said that he would be committing sooner rather than later after he announced a top six of UNC, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia Tech. That announcement was made in July, so a decision day could be coming soon.

Coach Mack Brown mentioned about a month ago that they were coming to a close relatively soon as far as 2021 recruits. He said that there were a few still left to recruit, and that they would still be focusing efforts towards those players. Presumably, Williams was one of those targets. However, with the season just weeks away another recruiting class to worry about in 2022, North Carolina won’t be expecting a whole lot more out of the recruiting trail for this cycle.