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LIVE Game Updates: Elite 8 USC Trojans vs. Gonzaga Bulldogs

USC and Gonzaga go head-to-head tonight in the Elite 8, for a shot to advance into the Final Four.

The No. 6 seed USC Trojans (25-7) will face the No. 1 seed Gonzaga Bulldogs (29-0) in the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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The USC Trojans and Gonzaga Bulldogs have arrived...



USC wins the tip!

USC Timeout 18:31 - Turnovers and 7-0 run for Gonzaga forces Trojans timeout.

USC 0, Gonzaga 7

17:36 - Evan Mobley gets the first points for USC off the offensive rebound.

USC 2, Gonzaga 7

Trojans timeout 14:27 - 4 Trojans turnovers leading to easy transition buckets for the Bullsdogs.

USC 4, Gonzaga 17

12:57 - Evan Mobley draws the foul trying to score inside. He goes 2-of-2 at the line.

USC 8, Gonzaga 19

11:01 - Isaiah Mobley puts his defender in the spin cycle to pick up two points.

USC 10, Gonzaga 25

TV Timeout 7:48 - Turnovers are absolutely killing the Trojans as they can't get anything going offensively. 

USC 15, Gonzaga 29

5:20 - Evan to Isaiah down low for the easy two. 

USC 17, Gonzaga 36

Gonzaga Timeout 4:25 - Isaiah Mobley forces Bulldogs timeout after splashing a three.

USC 23, Gonzaga 36

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1:13 - Drew Peterson gets the mid-range jumper to fall of the spin move.

USC 30, Gonzaga 45

Halftime - Bulldogs defense doing whatever they want to the Trojans.

USC 30, Gonzaga 49

USC Timeout 17:44 - Trojans unable to stop Bulldogs transition offense coming out of the half.

USC 34, Gonzaga 56

15:53 - Evan Mobley spins his way to the basket for two points.

USC 37, Gonzaga 58

11:44 -  Max Agbonkpolo ends the three minute scoring with a two-point jumper.

USC 43, Gonzaga 64

8:05 - Isaiah Mobley coverts the And-1 opportunity after knocking down the midrange jumper.

USC 50, Gonzaga 70

5:18 - Peterson with the tough finish off the Eaddy assist.

USC 57, Gonzaga 74

USC falls to Gonzaga 85-66. Great run for the Trojans team.


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