AP Polls Rank USC No.19 (Week 12)

Claudette Montana Pattison

The AP Polls for Week 12 have been released with USC moving up one spot in the ranks from No. 20 to No.19. 

This follows the Trojans 33-17 win over the Utah Utes last night in Salt Lake City. The Oregon Ducks were the only other Pac-12 team to make the Top 25. The Ducks moved from No.11 (Week 11) to No.9 (Week 12) after beating the UCLA Bruins 38-25 on Saturday.

There was no movement within the top 6 teams on the chart, as Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Clemson, Texas A & M and Florida keep a steady hold at the top of the ranks. Despite Clemson's game against Florida State getting canceled yesterday due COVID-19, the Tigers keep their No.4 spot in the ranks. USC's rival, Notre Dame (8-0) held on to their No. 2 ranking despite being off this weekend as well. Alabama remains No.1 in the polls after a dominant victory over Kentucky (63-3).

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Here is the full Top 25 AP Poll List

1. Alabama (7-0)

2. Notre Dame (8-0)

3. Ohio State (4-0)

4. Clemson (7-1)

5. Texas A & M (5-1)

6. Florida (6-1)

7. Cincinnati (8-0)

8. Brigham Young (9-0)

9. Oregon (3-0)

10. Miami (7-1)

11. Northwestern (5-0)

12. Indiana (4-1)

13. Georgia (5-2)

14. Oklahoma (6-2)

15. Iowa State (6-2)

16. Costal Carolina (8-0)

17. Marshall (7-0)

18. Wisconsin (2-1)

19. USC (3-0)

20. Texas (5-2)

21. Oklahoma State (5-2)

22. Auburn (5-2)

23. Louisiana-Lafayette (7-1)

24. Tulsa (5-1)

25. North Carolina (6-2)

To add, the Washington Huskies were the only other Pac-12 team to receive votes with 35 first place votes.

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Topix Trojan
Topix Trojan

We lucked out again. Bentley did an admirable job filling in, but he's no Rising...not yet anyway. It being the Utes' first game also helped. P.S. Oregon did not look like a #10 team against the Bruins. And they, too, had the good fortune of playing against a backup QB!