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Clay Helton Reflects on USC Firing During Georgia Southern Press Conference

Helton was named head coach of the Georgia Southern Eagles on November 2.

Former USC head coach Clay Helton was named head coach of Georgia Southern University on November 2, just weeks after his firing from Southern California.

Georgia Southern held a press conference on Thursday afternoon, and Helton gave his first public address as Eagles head coach. Eagles fans were able to meet the man, in person, at his introductory press conference, where he shared his goals for the future, and reflected on the past.

"I've gone 26 years as a coach, and the last six weeks, it [was] taken away from you. And you realize how special it is to you. You're not around players that you love, and the team that you love and not being a servant to kids," Helton said of his firing at USC.

"I cherish every moment that I was at USC. I was surrounded by unbelievable people. I got to be there for twelve seasons, met some special players, special coaches, special leadership," said Helton

"Even in my departure, he [Mike Bohn] gave us every opportunity to be great. You know we got twelve great games with Mike and went 9-3 but lost a championship game, and that is football. There are high expectations in this game, and I've always welcomed them," Helton said.

"It was a wonderful opportunity at USC, I cherish every moment, every relationship, I thank Mike Bohn and Brandon Sosna for the support they gave me, our staff our players all the way through. They had a decision to make that they thought was best, for the university and they made it. Now, I just got to make a decision that is best for me and my family. And I can't wait for this next adventure."

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USC announced the firing of Clay Helton on September 13 following a loss to the Stanford Cardinal at home. The Trojans are currently 4-4, and have yet to name their next head coach. As of now, the national search continues... 

“We will actively and patiently pursue a coach who will deliver on the championship aspirations and expectations we all share for our football program," athletic director Mike Bohn said in a press release.

"With our storied history, our talented roster, and the major investments we’ve made in the infrastructure of our football organization, I’m optimistic that we are better positioned right now than we have been at any other time in the past decade to recruit the best and right leader for USC.”


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