Clay Helton Talks Hell Week

Claudette Montana Pattison

It's hell week for the USC Trojans which means players are wearing pads and getting physical. Clay Helton mentioned Wednesday that players are bringing "unbelievable energy" every day and added, 

 "I think it really has started with the coordinators. I've got two guys that probably are the most competitive souls I've ever been associated with in Graham Harrell and Todd Orlando".

Creating physicality in practice has been key for USC's development with a shortened practice schedule. "It's been each and every day physicality, our kids have welcomed it. And really it was a decision that we made going into this camp, we had healthy numbers, we felt like we had depth. We also new the reality that if we didn't put our kids in these situations after six months we weren't going to be as good of a football team walking into game one". (Helton) Now, adding tackling and physical elements can create a susceptibility for injury. However, Helton reported no new injuries this week.

Freshman (WR) Gary Bryant Jr. has a sprained ankle but looks to be healed by the season opener. 

Tayler Katoa (LB) a redshirt sophomore has suffered a hamstring injury and (DL) Trevor Trout, a redshirt sophomore will miss the 2020 season with a back injury.

Many players are showing "bumps and bruises" (Helton) but showing "mental toughness" with adverse situations. 

"Its discipline waking up at 6 AM and getting tested every morning, protecting yourself and everyone around you" (Helton)

The Trojans will yet again test their mental toughness on Saturday with an early morning scrimmage to prepare for the 9 AM season opener against Arizona State on Nov. 7.

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Helton is a moron. He continues with his Aww shucks communication approach to us fans and provides zero insight. He is no leader... he's relying on his asst coaches to do all the leading


Whenever Helton speaks, I can't listen. I have no respect for his style, his values, his ability, nor his position. He lacks trust, reliability, discipline, competitiveness, responsibility and overall excellence.


9AM opening game! Crazy!