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Clay Helton Details COVID-19 Vaccine Options for Football Team

Los Angeles county has opened up vaccination appointments to individuals over the age of 16, so how does this impact student athletes?

COVID-19 has been a rollercoaster ride for not only USC football but the entire country. Los Angeles, home of the USC Trojans, is moving in the right direction with numbers steadily decreasing after surges hit the city last year.

Staying healthy during spring camp is consequential so that each player can thoroughly prepare for the upcoming season. This is why the NCAA and Pac-12 conference put strict protocols in place, requiring daily testing for players and staff. 

Los Angeles county has now opened vaccination appointments to individuals over the age of 16, and if USC players are comfortable, they now have the opportunity to become vaccinated.

Clay Helton had information to share when asked about how the team was handling the COVID-19 vaccine.

He said, "We addressed it between out team. We are thankful to the University [of Southern California] [for] supplying those opportunities, it's not mandated but the opportunity has been given [by] the university."

Helton went on the say, "We have had that talk within team meetings, some of our kids have already progressed in getting vaccinated. Our staff and all of our full time position coaches have been vaccinated, so we are very appreciative to the university for what they have done for our football team and our USC community."

Although Los Angeles is moving in the right direction with the pandemic, COVID-19 is still prevalent and safety protocols like daily testing will likely continue to take place for some time. 


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