Does USC Have A Trap Game?

Scott Wolf

I asked a USC coach if there is a trap game on the schedule?

"Probably Utah," the coach said. "ASU is not really a trap game because it will be a huge game on Fox. But people might be overlooking Utah right now."

  • Erik Krommenhoek said this morning the tight ends will have a more visible role this season: "We're going to do some in-line stuff, inside zone and outside zone, but we're not as deep at receiver as we have been so we should get a lot more looks on the outside to get some touchdowns and help our team out."
  • The Pac-12 announced a multi-year partnership with Pacific Seafood who joins as the "Official Meat and Seafood Provider of the Pac-12."
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wayne lusvardi
wayne lusvardi

All PAC-12 games are trap games. The Refs will continue to help the losing team get back into the game by penalizing the team that is ahead in the score. That makes for excitement and a lot of scoring but you never know who is going to win with that sort of officiating. But it seems like the PAC-12 is trying to set up USC to run the table and face off Oregon in the championship game as the planned marketing strategy for the conference. Oregon will win that game and SC will be bowl bound to face off Oklahoma? But will Helton be as undisciplined as he was last year with his team. Iowa beat SC last year in bowl game based on sheer better discipline. But who knows? SC has a bunch of assistant coaches from the South who are competitive. But can they overcome Helton?


How's Utah a trap game? We always lose when we go there.

fred flintstone 1
fred flintstone 1

Of course......the entire season is a trap season......anytime Clay Helton is your coach you never know when some worthless team will beat you. I'am waiting for him to call timeout before the game starts because he sends out the offense for a kickoff.

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USC doesn't have a trap game, it has a trap head coach!

Beware of overlooking Helton. Because when you think USC can't possibly lose this game, Helton will be there to "Grab Defeat From The Jaws of Victory!"