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Donte Williams Addresses Future With USC Following Cal

Williams served as interim head coach for the Trojans, following Clay Helton's firing.
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The USC Trojans concluded their 2021 football season with a 24-14 loss on the road against the Cal Bears. It was their final game under interim head coach Donte Williams, before new head coach, Lincoln Riley, takes over.



As the Lincoln Riley era unfolds, it's unclear what Williams’ future will look like. During the Cal postgame press conference, Williams was asked about his expectations for next season, and he responded with an honest answer.

“To be honest, I haven’t even thought about that right now,” Williams said.

“I mean, [there are] lot of guys in that locker room right now that hurt. Everybody thinks about the players, but I mean, it’s the staff. It’s [the] support staff, [and] a lot of people that hurt,” Williams said.

“For me to sit up here and talk about my future - that is selfish - and one thing I am not is a selfish person.”

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Williams inherited a tough situation, following the firing of former head coach Clay Helton. The prized recruiter reflected on the challenges that came with the opportunity to try and mend USC's 2021 season.

“You can deal with any kind of challenge God puts in front of you,” Williams said.

“I mean, it was a challenge, it’s a challenge that we all accept[ed]. Life is all about challenges and it’s about, you know, how you come out of that challenge.”

USC finished their 2021 season with a [4-8] overall record under Williams.


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