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Expert Predicts USC's Next Head Football Coach

The clock is ticking in Southern California.

As the 2021 college football season comes to a close, the USC Trojans continue their search for their next head coach. While several names have been thrown around including Penn State's James Franklin or Michigan State's Mel TuckerCBS Sports believes one guy is perfect for the job.

"Fickell is the candidate who most resembles what every USC fan longs for -- the days of Pete Carroll," Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports writes.

"Fickell has brought a stoic excellence to a Bearcats program that is challenging for a College Football Playoff spot.

It will take some convincing, but the guess here is that Fickell will be lured West, especially if Cincinnati is left out of the playoff. There has to be a feeling of hitting your head against a cement ceiling for Fickell even with the Bearcats headed to the Big 12 soon. USC would allow him immediate access to elite athletes in a league that would be easier to win than another potential suitor, LSU in the SEC. The key figure in the transaction is his wife, Amy Fickell, who along with her six children will have to be persuaded to accept a culture shift in Southern California."



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The USC Trojans relieved former head coach Clay Helton of his duties on September 13. During his tenure in Southern California, he led USC to an overall record of 46-24.

"I cherish every moment that I was at USC. I was surrounded by unbelievable people. I got to be there for twelve seasons, met some special players, special coaches, special leadership," Helton said during his opening press conference with Georgia Southern.

Georgia Southern announced the hiring of Clay Helton on November 2. 


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