Galen Center Will Serve As Voting Site

Claudette Montana Pattison

The USC Galen Center will serve as a voting site for students and the general public from Oct. 30 through Election Day on Nov. 3. 

USC Athletic Director Mike Bohn showed his support for this saying, 

"USC Athletics is pleased to do our part in the election process by opening up the Galen Center as a safe, convenient and accessible place to vote," said USC athletic director . "I am proud that this came about because of the efforts of our USC Athletic Black Lives Matter Action Team and our student-athletes. They recognize that the Constitutional right to vote is foundational for our democracy and they steadfastly believe in using their voices and actions to help ensure our country's future."

USC will be enforcing strict protocols including required wearing of masks, social distancing, frequent sanitizing of hands and equipment, adequate ventilation and one-directional foot traffic.

USC student athletes will also be given the day off from all athletic activities on November 3rd.