Let's Talk About That New Pac-12 Schedule

Scott Wolf

I'm not happy with the USC schedule and I wanted to talk about it.

Larry Scott: “At the moment, we do not believe that (fans in the stands) is a conference decision. We feel it’s appropriate to defer to local authorities."

By the way, the Redbox Bowl in Santa Clara is taking a hiatus fot a year. Or more.

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Rialto Trojan
Rialto Trojan

This is what you get when you have a tennis player running a football program. One opponent is as good as another to Lazy Scott the overpaid commissioner . The schedule was already laid out and just needed replacing two games. So why didn’t they move teams into our slots? Because people who think banging a ball away from the other guy is a sport made the schedule. Next we’ll have a guy, who whacks a ball three hundred yards and then walks leisurely to it so he can hit it again, keeping score.


Without tradition college football is nothing. Yet Larry Scott has done everything in his power from Friday and Thursday night football times to now playing our rival the second week to eliminate tradition. What is next, making us wear blue and gold?