Micheal Pittman Jr. Working Out After Leg Surgery

Claudette Montana Pattison

It was week 3 in the NFL when former USC Trojan Micheal Pittman Jr. underwent surgery for compartment leg syndrome in his calf. 

According to WebMd, Compartment Syndrome occurs when excessive pressure builds up inside an enclosed muscle space in the body. Compartment syndrome usually results from bleeding or swelling after an injury. The dangerously high pressure in compartment syndrome impedes the flow of blood to and from the affected tissues. It can be an emergency, requiring surgery to prevent permanent injury.. 

Pittman's medical needs were addressed following the Jets vs. Colts game. In a virtual press conference with Colts head coach Frank Reich, Pittman's injury was confirmed. 

Reich said,“We’re not comfortable giving any timeframe yet,” regarding the return timetable for Pittman Jr.

SI AllColts reports that, Reich said Pittman's surgery went well.

“In the game, he had the lower leg injury, he had the injury there,” Reich said. “Whatever happens when you get that, but the symptoms don’t crop up until later. Later last night, the symptoms started cropping up in a more severe nature. He called the trainer. The trainers called the doctors. They met right away, they got him over there and met with him, and determined that you’ve got to relieve the pressure."

“So I don’t know any more of the details about the surgery. Other than that, I know it went well, I know we’re very optimistic about him healing and getting back before it’s too long, but the exact timetable, we’re not ready to put a number of weeks on that yet.”

Now on the road to recovery, Pittman Jr. announced via Twitter this morning that he was back on the field working out. 

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Thanks for the update on one of our favorite Trojans.
Such a hard working man. He'll make a nice recovery.

Compartment syndrome in the calf is a surgical emergency, as the high pressures in the soft tissue will first damage all the delicate nerves running down to the foot and toes. Nerves don't like these high pressures and they can degenerate (sometimes permanently) quite quickly. Glad Mr Pittman got early aggressive treatment.

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Did they show the hit that caused the injury?


I must admit that I've not watched any NFL yet this season. I haven't even checked on ESPN to see who are leading the various divisions, etc. Just not interested in their product right now.

I would suspect that Michael took a kick, or leg whip, or someone fell on his calf. When last I checked, he was considered for special teams, so I must wonder if it happened during the usual mayhem that is SP.


...and I'm too disinterested in the NFL right now to do the research, snark snark.