USC Morning Buzz: What To Make Of Munir McClain Situation?

Scott Wolf

Here is the big question regarding Munir McClain's suspension: Are any other USC players involved?

If it emerges other players received pandemic unemployment benefits they would be suspended by USC too, apparently.

It would be an unwanted distraction heading into the Arizona State game if other players were involved.

It doesn't take much to remember other USC players getting suspended and having trouble getting reinstated: Josh Shaw, Matt Boormeester and De'Anthony Melton immediately come to mind.

That's probably a reason why McClain's family has launched a public campaign.

Some of this is probably out of USC's hands. But it would nice to hear from USC if McClain has done anything that violates NCAA rules?

Then at least we would have an idea on that aspect of the case. USC must also know if other players are involved. It would provide clarity.

But I doubt that will be addressed in a Clay Helton Zoom session.

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You're a reporter aren't you Scott? Maybe you could ask those questions to Helton yourself. Imagine that!


No way McClain ever dresses up in C&G again. USC and Helton never fight for the players. McClain is 20 years old. I am sure he didn't think about the ramifications of his actions.


Nagee Ali is a loose cannon.