USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

Scott Wolf


Steve Sarkisian

He might not have coached the Alabama-Georgia but his offense had 417 yards passing and 564 yards in total offense. QB Mac Jones Mac Jones has three of the eight 400-yard-plus games in Alabama history

Some school will offer Sarkisian a job in the offseason, of course, which is how things work in Kiffin-Sarkisian world.

USC Ranking

The Trojans moved up a spot to No. 24 in the AP Top 25 poll. Can you imagine another situation where doing nothing results in moving up?

Ralen Goforth

He's working with the first-team defense in practices wit a chance to start at linebacker.

Los Angeles

The Lakers are NBA champs; the Dodgers are in the World Series and USC might have the nation's easiest schedule.

JT Daniels

Stetson Bennett had three interceptions and a bunch of tipped passes. Some Georgia fans want to see the former 5-star USC QB.


Mario Cristobal

According to USA Today, the Oregon coach makes $2.7 million. Meanwhile, Clay Helton makes around $4.5 million. 

Todd Orlando

USC is going to do whatever it can to portray him as Ed Orgeron. Remember, the yelling coaches always get the attention.

Faux outrage

Does there always need to be a new crisis that must be solved immediately? Last week, it was letting Pac-12 families into games. What will it be this week?

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Rialto Trojan
Rialto Trojan

It's outrageous that vendors at the stadiums will not be selling things, but the lady with a stolen shopping cart, will be selling bacon wrapped hotdogs cooked on a cookie sheet griddle just across the park.


LA--the City of Champions? If the Dodgers can run the table and the Rams rediscover the magic*, well.....?

Would put a lot of pressure on the Kings, No?

I recall as a kid when Steel town claimed it was the City of Champions with the Steelers SB champs, the Pirates ("we are family") WS champs, and the Penguins making a run (yet failing) at the Stanley Cup.

I think SF was close a few years ago with the Giants and Sharks holding championships and the Niners losing in the SB. Boston may have had a few years with the Red Sox and Pats holding championship, though the Celtics and Bruins were perennial disappointers.

Can anyone recall when a City held 3 of the 4 major championships.

*Yes, the Rams stunk it up last night--but WTF--it's 2020 right? Anything can happen.