USC To Open Season Vs. UCLA

Scott Wolf

The Pac-12 released its schedule and it did have a wrinkle: USC-UCLA will open the season Sept. 26 at the Rose Bowl.

Talk about a weird way to start the season. If you play the Crosstown Rivalry in Week 1, what's left? Oregon and Washington?

The pandemic is forcing compromise but I'm not at all impressed by this decision. It ruins a chance for a big, drama-filled game against UCLA to end the regular season.

I'm pretty sure I will be in the minority here but I don't like playing your most traditional rival (especially without Notre Dame) in Week 1. Let's see if the SEC scheduled Alabama-Auburn in Week 1.

USC hosts Washington on Dec. 5 to close out the season. As previously reported, USC will host Washington State for its 10th game. USC still has a Friday night game at Utah on Nov. 27.

Here's the whole Pac-12 schedule:

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How come UW and WSU are the only teams who get to play their traditional rival in November?

Michael Guarino
Michael Guarino

I'd comment ...but I first need to buy high powered telescope to see 2020 schedule.....