Sunday Notes: Top Prospect Chooses Alabama

Scott Wolf

Damon Payne, the top-ranked defensive lineman in the nation, committed to Alabama today.

USC was a finalist for Payne, who is Alabama's fourth five-star prospect in its Class of 2021 recruiting class. 

  • How much time has been spent the past two years pondering if USC could afford to fire Clay Helton?

But it had plenty of money to give former president Max Nikias a $7.7 million golden parachute and a $3 million housing loan? 

So USC has money when it wants to spend it.

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No. 1-1

Yes, they do seem to come up with the money when they want to. It's sure a bad look when you pay off Nikias for a bad job, and when you buy or lend $8.8 million for a new home. What? Is the old mansion not good enough? I'd live there. That's $16.6 million, about half way to the Helton buy-out. Wow, did Swann and Lopes get fleeced by Jimmy Sexton. How could anyone sign a contract like that? Lopes should have known better. There must be a better story under it all.