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On Monday night former Ute and Philadelphia Eagles rookie punt returner Britain Covey was denied access to the players parking lot before their matchup with the Minnesota Vikings. 

While multiple outlets reported on the comical situation, and a fan involved tweeted that it took place, Britain Covey confirmed the story and explained how it all went down.

"To no fault of their's I had the practice squad pass," Covey said. "My teammates told me, just tell them you were elevated to the active roster and they'll let you in."

"I could tell they didn't quite recognize me when I told them I was elevated. They said, 'Look, you don't have the pass for this,' and I said, 'No I'm a player here!'" Covey added.

As he continued, Covey explained that while they did apologize, he was denied access. Shortly after turning around, the Eagles rookie parked half a mile away with the tailgaters and made his way to the stadium which he described was "a blast."

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"For me, it was kind of inspiring to walk through the crowd and see how much people love football here. It made me determined. I want to be a great player here," Covey said.

Despite being denied access, Covey did eventually make his way into Lincoln Financial Field for his second NFL appearance. Against the Vikings, Covey recorded three returns for 14 yards (4.7 Avg).

For Covey's full explanation, watch the video below.

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