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On Thursday, June 30, three-star running back Michael Mitchell announced his commitment to the University of Utah, joining a solid class of talented recruits for the class of 2023. Despite receiving 15 total offers, the likes of which included programs such as Memphis, Iowa State, Louisville, and Washington State, Utah secured the commitment from the talented running back.

At six-foot, 195 pounds, Mitchell has solid size for the running back position and truly packs a punch. However, what makes Mitchell special are his speed and agility as he's a dual-athlete who competes in track. During the 2022 season, Mitchell ran a 10.81 in the 100M. As for football, Mitchell recorded 1,378 yards and 18 TD in 8 games while averaging 8.9 yards per carry for his high school squad.

Mitchell's combination of agility, speed, and physicality are what make him lethal out of the backfield. Once he side-steps his way to the right gap or seam, He can explode with his impressive bursts for sizable gains. Additionally, with his size and physicality, Mitchell is difficult to bring down as he can easily stiff-arm or lower his shoulder and put defenders on the ground.

This is a stellar addition for running back's coach Quinton Ganther as he continues to gather his first group of recruits. While Mitchell will likely remain a three-star, even after his final high school campaign, he appears to possess the skills and physical attributes to be developed into a solid back at the college level. 

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