Exclusive: Charles Wright Releases Statement

Greg Arias

Former Vanderbilt football player Charles Wright issued a statement late Thursday afternoon following multiple reports involving him in the wake of his expulsion from Vanderbilt.   

Here is the exclusive statement  Wright shared with Commodore Country. 

"I have stayed silent out of respect for victims of sexual assault who either suffer in silence or have the courage to speak up. However, in this case, I was found innocent. Innocent.

When accusations were made against me, I fully cooperated with the Nashville Metro Police Department. I was never charged, let alone convicted of any type of sexual misconduct. I implore you to read the report.

I also fully cooperated with Vanderbilt’s Title IX’s office. I did not understand (and still don’t) how their processes didn’t factually align with the NMPD (Metro Nashville Police Department) findings, and when presented with evidence in an appeal that would have exonerated me, they ignored it.

As my parents stated, in cases like these, there are no winners. I gave every fiber of my being to represent Vanderbilt on and off the football field. I completed every course to be eligible to graduate, and none of it matters. For the rest of my life, in every Google search of my name, I will be falsely labeled. Why? Because I trusted Vanderbilt Title IX’s office to follow due process and protect every student: Black, white, male, female – accused and accuser – and they failed me, and I am not the only one.”

Charles Wright

Wright maintains his innocence and according to a report obtained by Commodore Country, Nashville district attorney Tom Bottoms refused to prosecute the case after a review of the facts following an investigation conducted by the Metro Nashville Police Department sex crimes unit.  

A source has indicated that the district attorney's refusal to prosecute stems from the existence of electronic evidence suggesting that the encounter in question was consensual, though Commodore Country was not been given access to that alleged evidence.    

Other documents obtained by Commodore Country suggest that irregularities in violation of the universities stated sexual misconduct policy might have occurred, including Wright being denied an "equal opportunity" to be interviewed before being officially charged by the Title IX office. 

Documents further indicate that Wright was charged with "engaging in sexual activity, including penetration and touching, with a female student without her consent"  two days before being interviewed by Title IX representatives. 

This and other alleged improprieties could become factors in the future as this story continues to develop.  

Wright was found responsible for sexual assault-intercourse and sexual assault-contact according to the official findings of the universities Title IX investigation that led to his expulsion. 

Note: Wright's parents also issued a statement to Commodore Country. 

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No, no charges were filed because there were texts that showed showed the sexual encounters with Charles were consensual. The MNPD did not say it was because of a lack of physical evidence.

Attacking anyone is attacking. Shouting rapist if someone is not a rapist is as bad as shouting whore if someone isn’t a whore. The Title IX process is a sham and nothing like the process most all Americans believe is the fundamental due process for guilt / innocence.

This whole thing seems a bit odd and the twitter - message board launching of the campaign seems even odder.


Because my daughter was a typical victim in her shame of being raped, she didn't turn to the Nashville Police until 3 months after the rape. There was obviously no physical evidence at that time. Thus, no charges pressed. It is Title IX, as a FEDERAL INVESTIGATIVE ENTITY, to investigate all incidents and ultimately to assure the college community that no sexual predators lurk upon it's campus. You were found RESPONSIBLE for SEXUAL ASSAULT - INTERCOURSE and SEXUAL ASSAULT - CONTACT... You, Charles Wright, are a rapist.