Coronavirus Ends Dayton’s Cinderella Season

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The Dayton men’s basketball team was in the midst of a historic season. With an impressive record of 29-2, they were the winningest basketball team in the history of the school’s program. With hopes of competing in the NCAA tournament, Dayton, along with every sports team in the country, felt the impact due to concerns of the coronavirus. The NCAA suspended the conference championships as well as the NCAA tournament. Dayton’s Camron Greer had this to say in regards to the cancellations, “It almost felt like we had lost a game. It was the same feeling. And the hard part was that we had nothing to do with it. And the worst thing was that we were left with no hope. This wasn’t like the NBA, where everything was suspended or postponed. It was over. Guys dreams had been crushed just like that.” There is no timetable to when play will resume in college sports.